Before we Celebrate Holi this year, Let’s Understand It’s Significance


The festival of gaiety, vibrancy, togetherness, love and warmth is Holi. Holi is like no other festival of India, which brings tons of energy along with itself. It falls on the last moon day of Phalgun as per the calculations of Hindu calendar. Thus, it sometimes falls in first half of March and sometimes in the second half of March. The festival is a significance of onset of Spring.

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The story which goes behind the inception and celebration of this festival is as follows:

The festival has its roots to the ancient times when there was a rule of a demon king Hiranyakashyapu. He didn’t believe in God Vishnu, who is the care taker of the universe; instead he wanted himself to be worshipped by people. But the game of fate was such that his, own son Prahalad started worshipping Lord Vishnu and had unbelievable faith in him. This used to make Hiranyakashyapu angry and he could not tolerate his son’s firm dedication towards Lord Vishnu. The hatred was so much that he wanted to kill his own son.

Hiranyakashyapu had a sister named Holika who was blessed to be unharmed by fire. Hiranyakashyapu asked Holika to sit in fire with Prahalad in her lap, so this would end up burning Prahalad and Holika will be saved because of her boon. But as it said that none can harm a creature, whose protector is none other than God Himself. Hence the reverse happened, Prahalad was saved due to Great God’s grace and Holika was burnt to ashes.

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This marks the significance of Holika Dahan. It manifests the victory of good over evil. The real incident is a clear evident of the fact that at last good wins over all bad things in life. Such is the power of nobleness and integrity.

Holi is celebrated with huge pomp and show not only in India but all over the world. It is a popular festival of India, which has spread the wings of its joyfulness across the world and not only Indians celebrate the festival, but also foreigners.

People apply abeer and gulal on each other’s face and wish each other “Happy Holi”. A very interesting gesture is applying “Tilak” on the forehead with gulal (dry colors), which is usually practiced by our elders among themselves.

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There are various delicacies prepared during this festival and shared among the relatives and friends. People get along with their families and celebrate the festivals with great fervour and joy.

After the day of Holi is spend in huge fun and amusement, an evening comes, when people dress up in their best attires and visit their closed ones and spend some quality moments of the festival. So, this how the festival of colors is celebrated.

The beauty of festivals in India is they make you forget all hard feelings of the past and let you indulge in the beautiful present.

IndiaShopps wishes you a very HAPPY HOLI!







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