Reliance Jio Might Extend Its Prime Subscription Membership By a Month

Jio has tremendously captured the market and finally the date is coming closer when it is going to over its free services. That’s something which is upsetting for the users of the network. Reliance Jio users have time till Friday to sign up for Jio Prime membership, to take privilege of Jio’s services, which it will give at a reasonable rate of approximately Rs.10 per day.

Though the offer is good, there are many people who have still not signed up for the prime membership of the network. So, the company might extend the sign-up date for maximum subscriptions. As per Tele Analysis, Reliance Jio has been planning to extend the dates because it has quite a low number of subscribers than expected. The expected numbers of subscribers was 100 million but till now only 22-27 million people have subscribed to become Prime members of Jio. Though we cannot give the surety of the decision made.

It was announced that Reliance Jio has already got 100 million subscribers but now as per the latest sources, Jio has just received 22-27 million Prime subscribers and it is obvious that till March 31st, they will not be able to achieve their targets.

To get the prime membership of Jio, users need to pay annual subscription fee of Rs 99. And when you are done with it, you can choose any one of the Jio Prime plans on offer. The plan of Rs. 303 includes unlimited calls, which is like other Jio plans. It will be along free data per day for 28 days. Besides this, another offer announced by company is Buy One Get One Free, which lets users enjoy 5 GB data on recharge of Rs 303 and 10 GB data on recharge of Rs 499 or more.




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