QLED- The Future of TV Technology

Considered one of the most innovative companies in the world, Samsung is a pioneer in screen technology, TVs, and mobile phones. From OLED to QLED, the South-Korean giant is known for bringing an innovative technology to its customers across the globe. And, the next innovation in television is Samsung QLED TVs. The QLED technology will allow you to see colors in a new light with ultra HD premium picture quality. Currently, the OLED technology is measured as the gold standard, but Samsung dares this supremacy with its QLED technology.

QLED is nothing but Quantum Dot Technology that gets 100% color volume and turns light into flawless color. The QLED technology makes a picture in a remarkably different way as compared to OLED technology. Also, they come with ‘clean cable solution, abolishing the mess of cords. The base of the TV stand neatly covers the power cable and keeps it hidden. Coming to the design aspect, Samsung QLED TVs beautifully closes the gap and stands flat against the wall, leaving almost no space. Moreover, you can heighten your home interior with the sleek and stunning design of QLED TV.

Highlights of QLED Technology:

  • A perfect blend of style & technology
  • Invisible optical cable
  • One-mount solution (allows you to easily mount on a wall)
  • Available in sleek & modern design
  • 100% Color Volume
  • Enhances your home decor
  • With wall-mount, fits perfectly in your home
  • Quick & easy to install.


There are not many companies who are attentive to bring the QLED TV models. Samsung is the only one who is leading the charge in bringing the QLED technology. However, LG and Sony are actively producing OLED TVs to customers worldwide. In order to know more the upcoming trends in technology and electronic products, keep browsing IndiaShopps.


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