Here We Present Some Interesting Facts About Lord Shiva on the Pious Occasion of MahaShivaratri

Lord Shiva is the prominent God of Hindu deity and it’s a discernible fact that Lord Shiva never disappoints His devotees. It is even believed that Lord Shiva always answers your prayers with positive inclination.

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He is the one God who is so fierce, violent and still benevolent and the most gentle. He is believed to have a kind nature and always showers his blessings on ones who remembers Him with a true and heart and genuine feelings. Lord Shiva is believed to be free from the cycle of birth and death. He can’t be created nor can be destroyed but he himself is destroyer of evil and also the protector of good.

Today is MahaShivaratri, a festival of immense importance in Hindu religion. The day is observed with utmost devotion by the eternal God’s followers. Mahashivaratri means “The Great Night of Shiva”. He is worshipped in the form of Shivalinga.

On this mesmerizing occasion when we are just about lose ourselves in His devotion, here wer are going to amaze you with some interesting facts about Lord Shiva:

  • Lord Hanuman, a strict devotee of Lord Rama is believed to be the 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva.

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  • Nandi Bull, the vehicle of Lord Shiva, has been referred to as the bearer of intelligence and virtue.
  • Sati was the first wife of Lord Shiva, and not Ma Parvati. Though Ma Parvati is an incarnation of Ma Sati.
  • Ravana who was killed by Lord Rama, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu was the greatest disciple of Lord Shiva.
  • Lord Shiva is believed to have drunk all the poison to save the Earth and its people, due to which he his throat turned blue; thus he is also called “Neelkantha”.
  • Each and every symbol and ornament on his body has some or the other significance related to world.
  • Lord Shiva’s home, the Kailasha Parvata is considered the centre of Universe.

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  • The dance form of Shiva, Nataraja; is the symbol of destruction and recreation of the world.
  • Shiva and Shakti are merely the Father and Mother of the Universe.
  • The Trishul (Trident) which Shiva carries, is the symbol of all forces of destruction, creation and salvation.

So, we hope this Mahashivaratri is even more significant to you after knowing these amazing facts about Shiva. Celebrate and Enjoy!

Happy MahaShivaratri.


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