Photography Tips For Novices


If you believe it, photography is not as easy as it looks. And, obviously, it is not just clicking a button. It is capturing a moment, it is an art to tell a story, and a lot more. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced, you always need to brush up your photography skills. Every picture that you shot requires different techniques and composition.

Here are some of the tips that will help you understand the basis of the photography:

Light is everything

Understanding the importance of light is the first step towards creating a good image. For instance, if you shot a picture where the sun is at back, you will get a flattering image. Simple adjusting an angle as per ideal lightening situation will surely help you capture great images. Before clicking any picture, thoroughly examine the light intensity around your subject.

Remember, always use a tripod

Using a tripod is very useful, especially for beginners. It helps you to get a sharp shot and eliminates the shake.  A tripod is much needed for landscape photography in faster shutter speed. The longer shutter speeds get us amazing landscape images, but it won’t be possible without using the tripod. So, whenever you go for landscape photography, always consider using a tripod.

Be Quick                                               

There are certain subjects where you have to be quick and furious, for instance capturing the moving objects like moving car or chasing a wildlife creature. In portrait photography, there are certain times when the subject may get bored of waiting for a photographer to take the picture. In such situations and subjects, it is better to be quick to click the images.

Keep your patience

As it is said, “be patience, good things take time.” In photography, it is very important to wait, to keep patience. In order to capture the best shot, a photographer needs to wait for the right moment. If your subject is a bird or an animal, wait for the right time to capture them at their best. Sometimes waiting is worth to get the best shot.

Don’t spend money on expensive equipment

It is quite possible to get very nice images with inexpensive equipment. Before spending hugely on camera, understand what kind of camera serves your photography purpose. If you have a good understanding of light and enough practice, you can make any DSLR camera work wonders. Never assume that a better camera will get you better photos, it’s photography techniques and experience that get wonderful images.

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