Notice: Be Aware of Phishing Website

As the boom of the online shopping is on the rise, so do the online frauds. In order to make you aware of such scams, we at IndiaShopps would like to inform you that our extension is completely safe and secure. Recently, we have found certain write-ups saying that our extension is a malware and it may affect your PC. With such fake news, other websites are selling their antivirus software and spoiling the reputation of IndiaShopps. Moreover, we have 1000s of customers who are using our extension and are extremely happy with our services.

Besides all, we are not promoting any third party products or offers on our website. So, we request our customers to stay away from such fake links, emails or calls. Also, such fraud websites are selling their products by using the name of IndiaShopps. These fake websites are also sending the virus in user’s mobiles, laptops and personal computers to encrypt the data and misusing that information for their personal use. We advise our users to stay away from these fake websites who are promoting themselves in a wrong way.

What Are We?

IndiaShopps is an online comparison portal where customers can compare their products before buying. We offer our users with amazing deals, offers, discounts, and coupons. With the help of our online price comparison platform, users not only get products at economical prices but save their time that goes browsing different online shopping sites.

What We Have

With more than 30 million products and 1500+ brands, we are here to accomplish your online shopping needs and get you the best deals in terms of price values and product quality.

We are committed to stand by our motto “Save Time, Save Money.”

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