Mobile Phones Your Reliable Companion

Remember those good old days when your little handset used to go tring-tring. Either answering calls or replying to a text was its core functionality. However, over the last decade, technology has paved way for something much superior, much classier and that is what we know as Smartphones.

Either Apple iPhones or Samsung Galaxy series, Smartphone turned out to be something more amazing than just a regular cellular device. A recent study has revealed that calling comes as late as point 5 or 6 if one jots down the utility of a Smartphone.

Let us find out that in what way this gadget has sufficed to be something more than a basic calling device.

  • Texting or Whatsapp: Receiving calls amidst a meeting can now be avoided by dropping in a simple message or staying connected over Whatsapp. You can also make video calls or leave an audio message as and when required.
  • Online shopping: Shopping is hassle-free nowadays. With so many e-commerce sites in action, you can now have all your buying qualms settled at one go. All you need to do is to have an active internet connection on your Smartphone so that you can download your favorite shopping app and start shopping at your own convenience.
  • Banking: The rising awareness towards Internet banking testifies to the fact that how much simplified our lives have become with the advent of mobile phones. No more standing in queues or waiting for long hours to get your transaction done. Transfer funds as and when you please in the comfort of your home.
  • Weather reports: Was it possible to know about the impending storm without turning on your TVs even a few years back? NO. With the advanced weather apps on your handset, now you can prepare yourself well in advance for the imminent downpour in the evening.
  • Maps: Suppose, you are visiting a relative for the first time and you have to call him up constantly to seek direction to his place while driving. Gone are those days of inconvenience. With the modern day GPS system, finding your way to the remotest corner is also a plain task.
  • Watching videos and movies: Does your packed schedule deprive you of regular theatre visits? Well, that does not mean that you will not catch up with your favorite web series or movies in your leisure time. Just download apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime and get going.
  • Camera: You cannot just carry your DSLR camera everywhere you go. A simple celebration at your friend’s place can now be captured with those highly efficient inbuilt cameras on your cell phone. The picture quality is way better than those primitive VGA cameras.
  • Social media: We, humans live in a community and believe in staying connected. We love getting adulations and attention. To remain linked through Facebook or Instagram is now a rage amongst all. This not only perks up your long lost contacts but also allows thoughtful sharing of information.

These are the just few common usages of cell phones that most of us avail day in and out.

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