Men’s Style Guide and Tips

It is often said that we are defined by the clothes we wear. Thus choosing the right piece of cloth is very important. When it comes to shopping men are equally enthusiastic as women. With the kind of diversity, brand and patterns available under the apparel for men fashion it is often very difficult to choose. Yet men need to pick all the clothes and accessories keeping in mind their style and comfort. Looking smart and dashing wherever you go is something that defines your character. Hence, it is important that they carefully choose their clothes, footwear, and accessories. But what completes a man’s wardrobe. Here we list you a few items that are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe.

  • If you are attending a meeting with colleagues or going to your friend’s wedding then a suit or a blazer will do wonders.
  • A t-shirt is the easiest to wear and carry for a casual hang out with friends.
  • Shirts look great as office wear; ethnic wear as well as casual wear and goes well with jeans and formal pants.
  • For men, jeans are an imperative outfit in the wardrobe. A pair of jeans in black or blue goes well with almost every outfit.
  • Men’s trousers can be worn both as an office wear as well as for a casual outing.
  • A suit or jeans can be worn for a workout session. Thus runners need running shorts in their wardrobe.
  • Men, in order to protect their head from the sun, should include hats in their wardrobe.
  • Make travel stress-free with travel bags and backpacks.
  • Now make a powerful statement at the workplace by including branded ties in your wardrobe. You should also include bracelets, scarves, and mufflers to add an element of fashion to your wardrobe.
  • To keep time in the style you should add digital and analog watches in the collection.
  • In order to complement your outfit don’t forget to include a good pair of shoes in your wardrobe.

These are some of the fashion staples that every man must include in his wardrobe.

How to Look Smart and Dashing in Every Outfit?                              

People spend their hard-earned money on buying fashionable clothes. But why? Just for the sake of dressing well. No, they dress well so that they look good and earn respect from their coworkers, boss and everyone else. But it’s hard to dress well. To dress well a man needs to put in a lot of effort. Here we offer some game-changing style tips that every guy should know:

  • Make sure that the clothes you purchase actually fit you. Even if you get everything right, your look might get ruined by getting this one thing wrong. Thus fixing this mistake is very important.
  • If you are tall and thin then buy clothes that match your height.
  • If you wish to look dashing in a shirt then roll up the sleeves on your buttons up and flannels.
  • If you wish to add a dash of color to your wardrobe then buy printed shirts and t-shirts.
  • If you purchase pants/jeans to ensure that you feel comfortable around the waist. Do keep in mind that your pants should not fall down when wearing them without a belt.
  • While shopping for jackets and shirts to ensure that the shoulder seams should rest on the edge of the shoulder and not on top of them.

These are some of the quick style tips that will make you look dapper in every outfit you wear.

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