Main reasons to go for energy efficient ACs



Want to replace your old Air Conditioner with a new one? Buy one with high energy efficiency. Today many models of different brands have been launched that give you the best service with less power consumption.  All of us want to install an advanced air conditioner which is the most beneficial investment.

What is an energy efficient AC?

It must be known what is meant by ‘energy efficient AC?’ Or how are they determined or work?  There are Air Conditioners of different efficiency units. They are measured by SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The efficiency of the ACs increase with the increase in the SEER rating.14.5 SEER rating is must for an AC to be energy efficient. When you are going to buy an energy efficient AC, do not forget to ask the retailer about the SEER ratings of the model.

People all over the world are going for energy efficient models for their rooms due to various advantages. Some of the benefits are discussed below.

 Why to replace your old non energy efficient AC with an energy efficient one?

The advantages of energy efficient ACs are discussed below.

  • They help you to save your electricity costs. The cooling and heating processes involved in the air conditioner contributes 50% of the electricity bill every month. During the summer months we need to keep the AC running all day long. The amount in the electricity also gets increased for that reason. This is a major concern for common people. Air conditioners that have HVAC systems with higher SEER unit need less energy to function. Incur more savings purchasing these models.
  • Energy Efficient ACs obviously gives better performance. The room will be cooled very quickly making you comfortable in minutes. Once you install an air conditioner of this feature you will get to understand the difference in the cooling time. The less need to keep your AC on, the less will be the amount of your bill.
  • You are offered utility rebates and incentives at the time of buying energy efficient models. The specifications are different for different models and brands. Ask the particular companies to explain the rebate offers that you are getting while purchasing the air conditioners.
  • A number of HVAC companies are offering promotions. You can check online which brands are offering promotions or stipends for the old air conditioner models. The websites provide you a lot of information on this account.
  • They are environment friendly which is very essential today in this polluted environment.
  • They work quietly. No noise is there while running the energy efficient air conditioners.
  • They have high longevity. Since they do no need to work hard to cool your home like the older less efficient ones, they have more life span than them.
  • These ACs give you improved air quality. More consistent and better air qualities are gained through these advanced models. Bacteria, mold or other harmful things are kept aside through these energy efficient models.

Fix an HVAC service appointment to know more about the benefits and functions of energy efficient ACs.

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