Because Love Is Worth Celebrating

Never lose a chance to express your feeling as Saint Valentine has inspired us to express our love for the one who holds a special place in our heart. Every year on February 14, people celebrate the festival of romance by sending letters, gifts, flowers or spending time together to express love for each other.

Who was the Saint Valentine & what is the origin of Valentine’s Day?

The day of love is named after saint valentine of Rome who performed the secret marriage for soldiers against the Emperor Claudius II. After this act, St Valentine was imprisoned for his crime against the Emperor. As per myths, while in the prison, he fell in love with the jailor’s blind daughter and cured her blindness. And before his execution, he wrote a love letter to the girl by signing ‘From Your Valentine.’ It is believed that he was executed on 14 February, the day we rejoice the day of love. Apart from St Valentine story, there are various folklores behind the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

The symbol for Valentine Day

Well, the roses have always been associated with love, affection and beauty. So undoubtedly, it has emerged as the symbol of the love for Valentine Day. Roses not only make the top of the list on this particular day, but are also ideal for other occasions like Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday, etc. So, this Valentine’s day, fuel your love by sending the bunch of red roses to your loved one.

Why do we give Letters & Cards?

As St Valentine used to send lover-letters to a girl he had fallen in love. So it became a tradition to convey love to your partner by composing a romantic letter. The magical poetry or beautifully written words have an affinity to touch the vibes of your partner’s soul. So, pen down your own love letter and reach the heart your Valentine.

As it has become one of the key dates to celebrate love among romantic pupil, sending gifts has gained huge popularity in recent years. No matter whether you are in love or just admire someone, the love is unarguably worth celebrating.

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