Latest Saree Trends To Rock Any Party


From Kareena Kapoor to Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, every Bollywood Diva loves to wrap a Saree around their body and so do we.  Saree is without a doubt one of the most loved ethnic wear that never goes out of style. Saree comes in a universal size chart which fits and looks good on everyone, with an infinite colour, fabric and designs choice which makes shopping for them all the more interesting. So, today we are going to explore some of the Latest Saree Trends of this season, that you should experiment with.

Sarees are an all-rounder you can wear them for any formal or informal event, be it your Farewell, a wedding or a small festive celebration. Saree is the safest ethnic wear option that will give you the divine traditional vibe and sexy look at the same time.

Manish Malhotra and Tarun Tahiliani have already launched their ethnic collection, and we are have brought some of the most beautiful trends from best of the best, to give you saree a makeover.

Popular Saree Trends of 2017

Long Front Slit Blouse

If you are tall and petite, get excited as we have found the go-to saree style for you. Switch to a new blouse design and go for longer designs with front slit. This blouse design can also help you in hiding your extra tummy fat while maintaining a style statement. In the latest designer collection launched this year, these blouses were a hot hit everywhere. It helps in giving your outfit a graceful traditional look. However, avoid wearing this type of blouse if you have a short as it can pull attention on your tight making you look shorter than you actually are. These saree blouses were seen in every designer’s collection on the platform this year.

Saree without Pleats

When we think about Saree, we automatically imagine its pleats. Pleats are the thing that makes draping sarees so hard, so image wearing a saree without any pleats. Sounds comfortable and confusing right? Well, wait till you see these sarees. If you want to dive into the mixture of chic and ethnic, then this is the perfect saree for you. This saree, unlike traditional pleated saree, gives its wearer a very fashionable and western look. This is an amazing option to wear in cocktails and weddings. Trust us everyone will be blown away by your style statement and grace on any event you wear this saree. Being Pleats-free, this saree is also easy to handle and carry.

Long Sleeved Blouse

Just like Sarees, long Sleeves never go out style. Long sleeves are really getting popular these days. A long sleeve really helps in putting the focus on your blouses, which you can design in any which way, be its backless, lace, or net. You can also pair your sleeveless blouse with a full sleeve jacket, cropped shrug or collars. If you have a tiny waist then you can experiment with a backless blouse, which will help you in flaunting your curves, while also making you taller. You can try lace, embroidery or net sleeves on your blouse to get a classy stylish look while wearing a simple saree. This trends also come in handy for us girls with chubby bodies, who have baby fat in their hands, by wearing a long-sleeved blouse you can put a rest to all your insecurities and enough the party without any worry.

Long Train Sarees

Fulfill you Bollywood fantasy, by wearing a saree with a pallu so long that your suitors have to carry it around. Most Indian women, love saree, because of Yash Raj and how in most of his movies his heroines wore saree with never-ending pallus that flowed beautifully in the wind. This saree will help you in making a grand entrance. This saree is designed for women, who like to embrace their divineness and glory. Let us warn you already that this saree is going to be an attention magnet for you.  They are designed to sweep the floor, wherever you walk. Become the female version of Superman, and flaunt your cape by wearing this saree.

Subtle Border

This is one of my favourite trends on the list, which will suit every age group, be it your mother, granny or your younger sister. This simple yet classy, subtle border design on your saree, will help you in looking perfect for any occasion. If you don’t have a very experimental fashion taste, then you can go safe and stylish with this saree design. You can experiment with prints and fabrics while keeping your saree borders light and subtle. As this saree, has a light vibe, you can team it with as much as jewellery you want, which will help you in giving you a glam, royal look.

Concept Sarees with Unique Draping Styles

If you have a lot of old saree, and a looking for a way to give them a makeover, then you can try out different saree draping styles from all around the country. Saree is the only piece of India clothing which is worn in all parts of the country, be it north, south, east, or west, however, all of them are known for adding their own fashion flavour, while wearing them which opens several styles options for you to drape a saree. Fashion designers have been using this unique style for over a decade now, to make their designs more stylish and diverse.


Try out these designs, and make sure to share your beautiful images with us. Mix and match and add your own personal flavour in these styles. As, we would love to get some, fashion tips from our lovely readers.








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