Latest Kurti Trends of 2017 that Every Lady Should Know

Latest Kurti Trends of 2017

Kurti’s are considered one of the most comfortable forms of ethnic wear. You can wear them in any season, for any occasion and get them in pretty much any colour or design. Plus the best part about Kurtis is that they never go out of style, all Latest Kurti Trends are nothing but a revival of old Kurti designs with a fusion of new designs and patterns.
Kurtis is like a semi-suit, which transforms you into a traditional look, without making you look like an aunty. We Indian girls love ethnic wear. Kurtis is a blessing which helps in making Indian summers more bearable. Kurtis looks good on all sizes and shapes. Plus today the variety of designs and patterns of Kurtis available in the market makes it a popular clothing item amongst all age groups in the country.
2017 Kurti Trends you should have in Your Wardrobe:

1. Kaftans

Kaftan Kurtis is known for being extremely comfortable and airy. This is a summer essential which will help you in making the summer heat more bearable. Kaftans are sort of robes, which are tight around the waist, which also helps in supporting the loose ends of the sleeves. Markets are flooding with different Kaftan patterns and fabrics. You can get them in all sizes lengths. Kaftan is a loved by women, who like to stay comfortable while looking fashionable and trendy. If we were to, rate these Kurti trends based on their comfort levels than Kaftan would have definitely won the race.

2. Print Kurtis

Go digital this season, and experiment with some colourful prints. Printed Kurtis are available everywhere in the country, in pretty much any design you can image, be it Lord Krishna, beautiful scenery, floral colours, polka dots, digital patterns or random images. These digital print kurtis are popular because of their affordable price and available. Usually, this printed kurtis are available in French crepe and georgette fabric, but you can also find them in silk and cotton. Tribal prints and geometrical prints are getting very popular this season so might want to experiment with them.

3. Front Slit Kurtis

If you are looking for something different yet fashionable then this is the best design for you. I personally love this new trend, usually when we wear long kurtis with a Palazzo or any lower, they often get unnoticed as the Kurti covers them completely. But not anymore, as the name suggests this Front Slit Kurti, has a front slit in its front which allows you to flaunt your lower as much as your Kurti. This slit Kurtis is available on all big ethnic brands in the country, like Biba, Libas, FabIndia etc. They are also available in all fabrics from cotton to georgette, which makes them quite popular in the market. These Kurti’s look exceptionally good with colourful straight pants and palazzos.

4. Shirt Kurtis

Shirt Kirtis make up for perfect formal work attire, which can be teamed up with anything from a jegging to palazzos or jeans. This Kurti will make you feel confident and comfortable at the same time. You can even team a suit jacket over this Kurti to get a more profound professional fashionable look. This Kurtis are also available in all fabrics so you have a wide range of variety to choose from. However, shirt kurtis are usually available in solid colours so you won’t have any exciting designs or prints options to choose from. You can also team them with loafers to get a fusion look.

5. The Evergreen Anarkali

Since it’s come in the last decade Anarkali has become the dominant Kurti style in the market. This kurtis is literally evergreen, which can be worn to a date, party, meeting or a wedding. Just team the Kurti with the right amount of jewellery and you have the perfect outfit to suit any occasion. The popularity of these Kurti is evident in the country. You will find at least 10 women wearing an Anarkali if you notice everyone’s outfit at a wedding. Anarkali is amongst the first dress option people consider while shopping. Anarkali is also designed in a way that makes women look very feminine and delicate. Plus the skater look below the waist helps in delivering a chic fun look to the girls.

6. Kurti Jackets

Kurti jackets have always been around somewhere in the fashion corner, but thanks to Bollywood celebrities this season. Kurti Jackets have become one of the biggest trends this summer. People are wearing these ethnic jackets with everything be it your dresses denim or a tank top or Kurti. Everyone from Alia Bhatt to Sonam Kapoor is wearing teaming up their kurtis with a jacket.
You can pair this combo with a palazzo, legging or jeans. Kurti Jackets helps in delivering a semi-formal look, which can be modified by the way you accessorize, your outfit. You can also experiment by wearing different types of kurtis with these jackets. These Kurti jackets are also available in all length sizes you can also experiment with your kurtis length.

7. Kurti Dresses

Kurti Dresses is probably one of the greatest creations of Indo western fusion. These Kurti dresses are basically maxi dresses which are designed with the idea of Kurti designs in the head. They are a comfortable piece of clothing, which can be worn to any occasion These Kurti dresses are extremely comfortable and popular amongst teenage girls. Everyone from Alia Bhatt to Sonam Kapoor is following this trend, giving some great fashion inspiration to all the Kurti dresses lovers out there.

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