Laptop for Your Little One


The summer holidays have already begun in most schools and therefore it’s the holiday season around the corner. Therefore, many parents will be shopping for new laptops for their children to give them the best companion for their holidays. But to select the best laptop model for your youngster may be quite difficult. So we are here to help you in sorting out the best laptop for your young ones. Some of the points which you should keep in mind before the purchase are listed below:

Operating System

There are two main operating systems for laptops: Windows and Mac OS X. Their prices vary according to what you need the laptop to do, your requirements. If your child requires web surfing for doing homework, a budget laptop running Windows OS will cost around Rs. 19000. A Mac OS X laptop can cost a lot more. So as this will be the first laptop of your child, it is better to hand him a Windows version device.

Storage Capacity

4GB of RAM is a pretty good storage for a Windows laptop. But as this purchase is for your child, even 3GB RAM will likely be more than enough as extra memory is largely a waste of money for typical laptop users. In fact, more RAM will not only cost you money, it will cost you battery life. The entire RAM in your device is powered on when you switch it on. Even if your applications are only using 2.5GB worth of memory, every single bit of RAM sucks down the power. However, if you want your child to play games on laptop, then make sure you buy a laptop with a 64-bit processor and Windows 7 64-bit. As the 32-bit version of Windows can’t use more than 4GB of system memory so you need a 64-bit system if you plan to buy more than 4GB of system memory.

Touchpad and Keyboard

Two of the commonly overlooked components that are essential for a good laptop, the keyboard and the touchpad. These two input devices are the two things your child is going to be using most on his new laptop. The best laptop keyboards are the ones with firm support underneath the entire keyboard structure. Some laptops have loose keyboards that bounce under the pressure of your fingertips while you type. This often causes type errors and creates unpleasant situation. The laptop should also possess a LED-backlit keyboard to complete your child’s important home assignment even if there is a power failure. The best touchpads have excellent sensitivity and minimal lag so the cursor on the screen moves precisely along with your fingertip on the touchpad. Larger touchpads are generally a good thing.

Matte Screen

Glossy screens reflect light. Room lights located behind or above your children in rooms with low ceilings results in annoying bright spots on the screen that can block their view. Further, the light reflected from the laptop screen may affect your children’s eyes. It may be a bit difficult for you to find matte screen laptops as most laptops in the market come with glossy screens. But parents can definitely take some toll for their child’s good.

So, we have listed some of the most requisite features which you should keep in mind while buying your child a laptop. Hope this suits your needs.

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