India Online Shopping Guide: Tips to save money with Flipkart discount coupons

Given the vast number of online shopping sites present in India right now, the competition is tough when it comes to luring customers. To increase sales and drive loyalty, a number of sites, including Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. provide their buyers with discounts and offers in the form of discount coupons, cashbacks and vouchers at regular intervals.

You should note that the method of using Flipkart discount coupons is different from the other e-commerce websites. Flipkart has been in the e-commerce business for a really long time and enjoys great trust and reliability of its loyal customers. So here I present to you some tips and tricks as to how to save money on Flipkart using discount coupons to their optimum use and avail benefits of the same.


Flipkart has the option of comparing many numbers of products. Make sure you avail this option since it can save you a lot of time and money. For instance, you can enter the brand or product names of two or more products and Flipkart will generate a table of comparison. This way, you can make a well informed decision on which product suits you best. Next you can use the discount coupon on the product with maximum cost benefits.

Cash back Offers

Flipkart offers Cashback, which means that every time you purchase a product through the Flipkart wallet, you get certain amount of cash back in it. For example, if you buy a product of say, Rs. 100, you will immediately get Rs. 10 back in your wallet. This is direct saving. Unlike other shopping sites, Flipkart actually gives you cashback.

On the other hand, some products do not require a coupon at all and you directly get a discount on those. Like school bags, mobiles and mobile accessories like earphones, mobile cases and pouches, flip covers, Bluetooth. I will talk more about this later in the article.

Websites on Flipkart Discount Coupons

There exists a lot of websites that offer discount coupons on different e-commerce websites, including Flipkart. The following are the sites where you can find innumerable number of discount coupons, ranging from 20% to 80%. This way, you can get discounts on books, electronics, branded clothing like Puma, Adidas, Titan wrist watches, shoes, furniture etc.

At present, around 75+ Flipkart discount coupons exist. However, you should be careful of the expiry dates on these coupons because once the expiry date is passed, the coupons will be useless.

Apart from these, there are a number of other coupons and discount vouchers available on the internet. You should note that these coupons only last for a couple of days, while some coupons only last for a single day. So you can avail different discounts on different days.

Shopping directly with Flipkart

Flipkart offers a number of discount offers and gift vouchers if you directly shop at their site. It is relatively easy to avail these discounts and offers this way. For example, Flipkart has up to 40% off on books and mobiles almost every day. What is best is that this e-commerce website is a trustworthy and reliable source of online shopping in India. So you can easily go ahead with this, without the fear of being cheated or becoming the victim of fraud. Flipkart, like I said has enjoyed the trust of its customers for years now, since 2007 to be precise.

In fact, Flipkart started off as a website for selling books and novels at a discounted rate. So they want to keep their loyal customers happy and thus, they make sure they are giving huge discounts and offers on books and stationary items. It is only recently that they have entered the clothing and furnishing industry. Needless to say, it is doing quite well in this too. Lastly, it also give sup to 30% discounts on men’s and women’s fashion, which you can avail directly without the usage of any coupons. Even the footwear section offers a 30% discount.

This way, you can shop while earning cash on your e-wallet and avail the benefits of discount coupons and vouchers. Remember, every penny saved is penny earned.

Happy Shopping!

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