Flipkart’s Return and Refund Policy to Witness Some Changes

E-commere giant Flipkart has made few changes in its returns policy on most of its products. As per the Economic Times, it said that all the sales will be considered as final from now.

The step taken by Flipkart is beneficial to the vendors as it will lessen their efforts and costs which they have they bear while returning a specific product. But is its definitely going to have the adverse effect on customers who shop easily from the portal thinking that the they can claim the return/refund anytime, if they are not satisfied with the product.

As per the reports, Flipkart has made these changes of return policies for many product categories like mobile and computer accessories, personal care things, office equipment, camera accessories and smart wearables. For the items like mobile phones, furniture and appliances refunds are also declined.

The policy of Flipkart says, “If a defect is determined within the 10-day period following delivery/installation, a replacement of the same model will be provided at no additional cost”.

If the product’s defect is not confirmed within ten days of delivery, or if a replacement has been offered, the customer will be directed to the brand’s service centre.

A Flipkart spokesperson said, “Flipkart has a customer-friendly refunds policy that has benefited millions of our customers. Our customers can request for refunds through the self-service option on over 1,150 product categories of the 1,800 available, which constitutes about two-thirds of all categories on Flipkart. In fact, Flipkart processes about 25 thousand refunds on a daily basis, 60 percent of which are instant, where customers don’t have to wait to get their money back.

Now, with this major step taken by Flipkart; we can say that Amazon India might get a lot of new customers due to flexible return and refund policy. But future can only be known when it will actually happen.

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