Flashback of Valentine’s week on the day of love


14th February, the day of love, celebrated all over the world every year with full warmth and care. We all know that love is eternal, and can’t be measured by just celebrating on Valentine day. It’s something that needs to be felt each moment you look at your beloved. The day is notable in an honor of Saint Valentine who performed the secret wedding for Rome’s soldiers who were forbidden to marry. It was believed that Valentine is just for couples to show their love, but in our time it’s a day to show gratitude and obligation towards the family as well as friends.

The month of February is famous for Valentine’s Day but we start feeling the love in the air one week prior because of the celebration of Valentine’s week. On this beautiful day of love, let’s recollect the memories from the past week.


The Valentine week begins with a rose day. On this day, couples or friends exchange roses with each other. Most of the times people swap over a red rose. If you want to show gratitude towards your friend or a family member there are roses in different colors with different sentiments and meanings like white for peace, yellow for friendship, pink for grace, orange for passion, purple for love at first sight and peach for modesty.


Propose day is the 2nd day of Valentine’s week. It’s the day to express your love to your honey with affection and adoration in the form of words. This day is a blessing for lovers because you can confess your hidden feeling in front of your beloved.


The day is celebrated to fill sweetness in the life of your adored. It is commonly celebrated by couples but you can buy a pack of chocolate to gift to your friend or your family and can bring a beautiful smile on their face.


Sometimes it is impossible to be present with your partner in every situation. So you can gift a teddy to your partner to show your presence and support. There is no age specified for gifting a teddy. Gifting a teddy is like you are assuring your partner that you’ll always be there by their side.


It is all about giving a lovely promise to your mate. On this day, you can repeat old promises or make a new one. You can make a promise and tell your partner what they mean to you. One promise you can give to your partner is keeping all the promises in any situation without fail.


The 6th day of Valentine’s week is the hug day. On this day you can give a feeling of care and friendliness to your better half by a tight and bearable hug. You can play a romantic track and give a long hug while dancing. Moreover, take a picture to capture the priceless instants. If you are single, you can celebrate this day with your family or a friend.


A kiss is a symbol of love. This day gives you the opportunity to show how much you love your partner. Predictably, it is the most awaited day of the whole valentine’s week. You can express your love by kissing prettily on your partner’s forehead or hand.

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