Find the Right Digital SLR Camera

With an enormous number of options available these days, buying the DSLR can be a bit complicated. It can be a nightmarish, especially for those who are purchasing their first high-quality camera. From professional photographers to hobbyists, digital SLR cameras are growing in popularity.

If you are just starting with photography, here are few things that you should consider when buying a DSLR.

Know the Basics

The basic of any kind of photography is controlling and understanding the exposure of the camera. The exposure is mainly controlled by three main settings that include shutter speed, f-stop, and ISO. These settings allow the amount of the light coming into the camera when capturing the photograph. Light is one of the prime factors in creating a beautiful image.


After knowing the basis of the camera, lenses are another major thing to take into consideration. Most of the entry-level or mid-level DSLRs come up with a kit lens feature that has an 18–55mm of the zoom lens. Kit lenses are the best for those who are new to photography or enhance their photography skills. Other types of popular lenses are Macro lenses, telephoto lenses, wide angle lenses, and others.

Know the Editing & Modes Features

When buying the digital SLR camera, ensure the camera has some basic editing features. For instance, some cameras are equipped with LCD view screens that allow photographers to view and review the picture he/she has clicked. Also, some cameras come with screen rotate feature that allows you to click images at different angles. Moreover, look for other editing and mode features like action mode, night mode, landscape mode, portrait mode, and others.

Other Important Features

Apart from lenses and some basic editing features, other important specs to take into consideration when buying a DSLR are flash, autofocus, size, image stabilization, optical stabilization, sensor stabilization, digital stabilization, viewfinders, optical viewfinder, electronic viewfinder, dust buster and a lot more.

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