Fed Up of Charging Your Smartphone—Here are Some Tips for You



There are many easy tricks following which you can boost your phone’s battery. Almost all of us are fed up charging the phones very often. Getting some simple tips helps your phone’s battery last longer. With modern technology advancement, there is no such clue found yet to make the battery life more than 24 hours. So whenever we are buying a phone the first thing we want to know is about the battery longevity. Now there are some ways to extend battery life. Actually you will never get a smartphone to use for a week for its big screen size, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G connection. By changing the settings of your phone you can save the battery life more. Although using power banks are a good choice, charging mobile phones several times is problematic. Here are few suggestions to extend the battery life.

  • Make the screen brightness dim or use auto brightness. The larger colourful display of the phone is the most favourite of all. But it consumes a lot of battery. The auto brightness feature adjusts the brightness of the screen to emit enough light. This mode uses less power and saves battery.
  • Keeping the screen time out short can also save battery a lot. The minimum is 15 seconds in most of the android sets. If you’re having 2 minutes in your settings make it 30 seconds immediately to make greater battery life.
  • Take your phone and turn off the Bluetooth. Most of us love using Bluetooth with our hand free headsets, but when you are not in the car or not listening to music wirelessly, turn off the Bluetooth. At least by this we can extend mobile batteries’ life for one hour.
  • Stop your apps running at the background. Smartphones are used for multiple tasks at a time. So a number of apps are run together. Whenever you’re finishing one work, remember to close that app. Each and every app consumes energy. For example Facebook drains a lot of your phone’s battery.
  • Make the vibration mode off. The vibrate mode uses more energy than ringing. The vibration shakes the phone and destroys lot of power.
  • Turning off Wi-Fi is also helpful to save power. Turn on it while using 3G or 4G networks. After using the data services remember to off it. On it again when you need data connection. This is very useful for energy saving.
  • Access power saving mode in your handset. It manages the phone’s various energy sapping features. Also, dims the screen, prevent from updating apps, reduce screen timeout settings, and also turn off vibration. It saves battery at least by 10%.
  • Turning off unimportant notifications also help you to save battery life. Missed calls, email, messages are essential notifications but other superfluous notifications drain the battery.

There are many other myths by which you can save battery like charging your phone with the particular charger provided with the smartphone instead of using cheap ordinary chargers. The Wi-Fi connections too are responsible for the draining of the battery. Following these, you shall be able to overcome battery draining problems.

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