Fashion Tips for the Wedding Season 2017-18

Fashion tips for the wedding season 2017-18:

Winter is coming and so is the wedding season in India. We Indian girls are raised with bed time stories of our prince, coming on his horse and taking us away to a romantic land, filled with love and utopia. But as we grow up, and wrap our heads around fashion, our priorities switch from prince charming to getting the perfect wedding dress and wearing beautiful ethnic clothes with heavy embroidery whenever needed.

Be it saree, kurtas, suits or lehengas, we Indian girls love them all, and if it was in our power we each would have bought the whole collection of Wedding clothes from Chandni Chowk in New Delhi.
And the time has come yet again when; we can flaunt our Indian roots and go shopping for all the wedding events that are aligning up on our calendar this winter. So, we have enlisted some of the best Fashion Tips for the Wedding Season 2017-18 that will help you in looking like an Indian Goddess


If we were to rank, wedding clothes, lehengas would easily take the crown. Whoever invented this sexy piece of Indian outfit, definitely loved fashion, and celebrated the divinity of female body. The outfit is designed to flaunt all the curves on an Indian wedding. So, this should be your first preferred choice. You can look beautiful and sexy at the same time by wearing it. Plus, usually, we girls go on a diets month before any important wedding celebration on our calendar. So, it only fair that we are able to flaunt are newly found perfect curves in a Lehenga, then hide them under a suit.


Don’t get us wrong, we have nothing against suits or their beautiful designs. But for me, they are just a safe option, which gives you 100% comfort to dance, eat and enjoy at a party. Suits are also a life saver, for occasions when you can’t decide what to wear, or when you have nothing to wear. You can try Palazzo suits or sharara this season, as they are really trending the fashion industry right now. While we at it, this is probably the best advice you will ever get, now that you are already on your shopping spree, make sure to buy a wedding suit for times like these, and trust us you will be making a long term investment, that will be cherished for life.

Drape Saree in a Different Style

Saree is one of the most popular ethnic wear when it comes to weddings, so it’s casual to see more than a dozen people wearing the saree, in a single wedding, which automatically generates a lot of competition for you beautiful women, who plans on wearing a saree. So what can you potential do to stand out in the crowd? Well, the solution is simple; wear your saree, in a different style.

Manish Malhotra has already launched his wedding collection, and he sure draped his saree on his models in very unique and different yet beautiful styles. So, take some celebrity inspiration in this department, and drape you saree in an Indo-western style and feel like you are walking the ramp for the infamous Manish Malhotra. You can also experiment a little with your blouse, by wearing off-shoulder, cut outs or backless designs.

Tips for Jewelry

Jewelry is an essential part of ethnic wear, which can turn your outfit into a hit or a flop with a minor addition. In order to look perfect in an Indian wear it is important that you put attention to your outfit as well as the percentage of jewelry that you are wearing as, if you overdo it, you might end up looking like a jewelry shop, however, you if you don’t pair them properly you might look too plain for your heavy outfit.

This season flaunt your Indian roots, by donning some heavy jewellery. Borrow some your granny’s or mothers jewellery that you have dreamt about wearing since your childhood. Dive into the richness of gold, by embracing these old designs.

Popular Wedding Colours

Indian Wedding fashion is all about vibrant colours and shiny stones. However, you might want to avoid shades like white or black in a Hindu wedding, as they are known for looking down on these shades during a celebration. Make sure to read a little about the kind of wedding that you are attending as; Karnataka is known for organizing wedding where the bride is known for supporting white coloured dress. Well, India is a dynamic country, with multiple spices and flavours, so make sure to get accustomed to their rituals before you go for wedding shopping. However, I will still suggest you to, go for a colourful shade and play it safe. But please leave the colour red and maroon for the bride.

Tips for Men

Time is changing and men are definitely happy about that. They no longer are restricted to just appear for a wedding in their plain black or blue suits. Now they can explore the wonderland of colours and choose any colour they like. Just jump into the spectrum of bright colours and make some bold colour choices like Yellow, orange or green. The Indo-western fusion has also helped bring more scope for men’s wedding fashion, by allowing them to wear their dhotis with their button down shirt and suit jacket. Now that you have a choice, use it and try to experiment with Indo-western attire. Not only this will help you in standing out in the crowd, it might even help you in finding your own bride during cousins or friend’s wedding. Bold fashion choices make up for a great conversation starter.

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