Effective Skin Care Tips For Winter

As the fall of temperature in winters make you change your clothing style, you also need to save your skin from cold and dry winter sessions. In winters, most of us get dry skin and it not only makes us look dull, but we lose the glow on our face. To help you protect your skin in winters, here are few tips one needs to follow:

Switch to a milder cleanser

It is better to switch to a mild cleaner during winters. The foaming cleansers are good for summers but they make our skin extremely dry during winters.

Need regular cleansing & toning

In order to remove oil and dirt from your skin, a regular cleansing and toning are necessity during winters. Cleansing and toning are the best remedies for skin care in winters.

Moisturize your skin regularly   

Be it winters or summers, moisturizer is needed for beautiful skin. Apart from nourishing your skin; it protects your skin from the entire harsh winter climate.

Use of sunscreen

The UV rays can damage your skin in winters as well, so before stepping out of the house, you need to apply sunscreen to protect your skin.


No matter what the season is, our skin needs exfoliation to remove the oldest dead skin and get the glow back on our face.

Lip Care

In winters, you got to take extra care of your lips. You can keep your lips hydrated all the time and use a lip balm that is ointment based. Also, make sure you treat the cracked lips immediately.

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