Dance Like Nobody Is Watching

We have heard many definitions of dance. But the fact is, it is impossible to define dance with words. It is a speechless art to express your emotion, to show the energy, to live the truth, to feel the love and to explicit the joy of dancing. The passion of dancing is limitless and cannot be bounded. It is hard to express the intensity and affection towards dance with conversations. Dance is a blend of different styles, moves, forms. And, this all got an immense level of depth in it. It is a pleasure, so whenever you dance, you need to forget everything and dance like nobody is watching.

Let’s learn the language of dancing with open arms and zeal.


Hip-hop is a form of style that set you free; it gives you wings to showcase your hidden passion. In this, you are free to dance with the rocking steps to rock the dance floor with hip-hop music. It is a very energetic and unique dance style. Dancers with a good touch of rhythm usually adopt this dance form.


It is a dance form that does not require any particular steps from any particular dance. It gives you the freedom to dance in any way or manner, as you want and create your own dance moves. Besides, it doesn’t not put any kind of restrictions on dancers. All you need to do is, put a disc in a music system and start dancing. It includes dancing on a disc, street dancing, etc. It is based on hymns that “Anybody can dance”.


This dance form gave birth to too many other dance forms such as jazz, rock and roll, lindy hop, and boogie-woogie. You may feel that you are swinging while dancing. It gives a lot of space to you to improvise the dance moves so that you both can throw the best dance steps together. Also, this kind of dance can be done either socially or in competition.

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