Daikin AC Vs Carrier AC: Pick The Right One


Every year in summer the temperature sets a new record. As the temperature rises there is a sure and steady dip in our sanity. Since, we cannot control what Mother Nature decides to bestow on us, what we can do is furnish our home in a way such that it is calm inside even when it is burning outside. So what comes to our respite is a beautiful invention of science and technology that is an air conditioner. Here we give some reasons why buying an air conditioner is a must for all.

  • Air conditioner removes pollutants and molds from air thereby providing us better quality air. It helps to circulate and filter the air. Thus, ACs is extremely important for those who suffer from allergies and asthma attack as ACs removes the irritants that can trigger an attack.
  • The filters present in air conditioner helps to keep out insects from our home.
  • Air conditioners also improve workforce efficiency. That is why offices are equipped with ACs so that people are able to work better and make better decisions.
  • A higher temperature outdoor can cause high blood pressure that may hamper our sleep. Air conditioners maintain the room temperature at a level that gives us a good night’s sleep.

Thus AC’s are essential in home, offices, shopping malls, and in other places as well. This appliance offers exuberant options, but if you want one that guarantees quality performance then the two options that strike our mind are a Carrier AC and a Daikin AC. Let’s see the features of these ACs.

Daikin AC

Daikin is an established Japanese air conditioner manufacturer. Daikin AC’s are loaded with amazing features, excellent cooling performance, sleek design and great energy saving technology that helps level up the décor of your place wonderfully. This brand offers nationwide service network to give optimum support to its customers. Listed below are the features of Daikin Air Conditioners.

  • Auto Restart: This feature reduces your trouble of having to start and restart the AC every time you change your mind.
  • Silent operation: Daikin AC’s does not make a constant buzzing sound thereby, helping you concentrate on your work.
  • Star ratings: Daikin AC’s are meted out with star ratings that indicate their energy efficiency. A higher star rating means good energy efficiency while a lower star rating means a low energy capacity. So if you don’t want to weigh heavy on your pocket then a Daikin 4 or 5 stars AC should be your first choice.
  • 3D Coanda airflow: Daikin AC provides 3D airflow function that helps to move the air in multiple directions to ensure uniform cooling inside the room.
  • 2 in 1 Cooling and Heating: Daikin Dual Comfort series provides dual functionality that helps escape vagaries of climate in both summer and winter. In frosty temperature, it helps to keep the room warm and performing cooling operations in all other seasons.
  • Power chill mode: On a summer afternoon when you come home tired and sweaty you yearn for cool air. Old AC’s take time to offer chilled air but Daikin AC’s are equipped with power chill mode that maximizes cooling.
  • Copper condenser: Daikin AC’s come with 100% copper condenser.
  • Inverter compressor: Daikin AC’s are equipped with inverter compressor.

Though Daikin AC’s are equipped with these features this brand does not have window ACs. Thereby it loose some prospective Indian customers who still prefer window AC’s. Some Daikin AC’s have lower operating temperatures thereby making it ineffective during peak summers.

Carrier AC

Carrier is an American air conditioning manufacturing company that offers window, split and central air conditioners. Founded by Willis H Carrier, this company offers a wide range of products for every customer. Here are some of the features of Carrier AC’s:

  • Capacity: Carrier 1.5 tons Ac’s have the capacity to cool huge rooms of up to 150 square feet.
  • Design: Carrier AC’s have a sleek design in a rectangular shape that gives a trendy look to your room. Moreover the AC’s are equipped with a digital display that shows the cooling temperature.
  • Air Filters: Carrier air conditioners come with Triple Hybrid filters, active carbon filters that help to remove dust, toxic compounds and foul smell from the air.
  • Super Turbo mode: This feature offers quick chillness in 20 minutes.
  • Noise Level: The indoor unit of Carrier AC’s performs at a 48dB noise level.
  • Less power consumption: Carrier AC’s comes with technology that lowers power consumption.
  • Star ratings: Carrier AC’s with ratings above 4 or 5 star offers lower power consumption and high energy efficiency.
  • Copper Condenser: Carrier AC’s comes with 100% copper condenser.


Though both Carrier and Daikin offer more or less the same features, Daikin is a better brand for inverter ACs. Carrier is a better option for those who want to buy a window AC. Both are efficient and reliable, it all depends on the use and space of your room.



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