Cut Short your Electricity Bill by Maintaining your Air Conditioner



Today air conditioner has become essential for our day to day life. Though it is very useful to us we hardly make any effort to make sure that the AC is in good shape and call a mechanic only when it fails to operate. But, if an air conditioner is not maintained properly then it can significantly increase your electricity bills. Maintaining an AC will not only help you save energy but also save money on early replacement. Thus, it is very important that the AC is properly maintained and is in good shape before every summer. Listed below are a few tips how air conditioners can be maintained:

  • Regular cleaning of Air Filters: This is the most important part of an AC. It helps remove airborne particles like dust, molds, bacteria and virus. But if the ducts are clogged then it will impact the air flow. An AC with a dirty filter will have to work harder to reach the needed temperature thereby consuming more electricity. Thus before the onset of summer make sure that the air filters of your AC are cleaned. If you are not aware about cleaning then, call for a certified mechanic who will do the same for you.
  • Cleaning the Outer Unit: In all types of ACs the compressor and the fan are present outside the home. Since it is exposed to the outside dusty environment, wind and rain; dust and debris get accumulated in the condenser coil making it difficult for the heat to dissipate outside. Thus for the efficient working of AC periodic cleaning of condenser coil is essential.
  • Cleaning of Rear drain: The drain present at the rear end needs to be unblocked. If not done so then the water collected inside the AC will find no space to leave the room and will drip from any opening inside the room.
  • Cover up the Compressor when not in use: A compressor which is present in the outer unit need to be covered during winter when the AC is not in use so as to prevent dirt and dust accumulation.
  • Keep the curtains closed: Though natural light entering from your windows help reduce your lighting cost but at the same time it will increase your electricity bill as your AC has to work harder to cool your room. So when no one is in the room it is best to keep the curtains off during daytime.
  • Maintain the right temperature: In order to increase the longevity of your AC, maintain it an ideal temperature of 24 to 25 degree Celsius for right amount of cooling and energy saving.
  • Reduce workload: To reduce the workload of your air conditioner use a ceiling fan with your AC.
  • Replace an outdated air conditioner: If your AC has grown old and needs regular maintenance it is better to replace it with a BEE star rated air conditioner. It is cheaper to buy a new AC than repairing and maintaining an old air conditioner that consumes more electricity.
  • Clean the pipes: Pipes link the inner and outer unit of your AC. Thus regular cleaning of pipes is done so as to prevent accumulation of dirt, dust and other items.
  • Schedule a maintenance checkup: An un-serviced air conditioner will have to work harder and longer to keep your room cool thereby increasing your utility bills. Thus call an expert once in every year to make sure that your air conditioner is functioning optimally.


Though a majority of AC issues arises from minor factors which you can fix and figure out on your own but sometimes we do need a technician. We hope our simple tips will help you save money and increase the longevity of your AC.

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