How has the Concept of Online Coupons Revolutionized the E-Commerce Sector of India?


The concept of online shopping has been introduced and accepted in India a bit late. However the country is making out for the lost. India has drastically replaced offline shopping from online shopping.   Introduction of applications also helped these online sites in flourishing in India. Smartphones being accessible to all brings a lot of varied opportunity for these shopping sites to make sale.

Online Coupons, has also helped in promoting online shopping, which offers with a hassle free experience without any bargain, as you can already avail discounts through these coupons codes.

India is rapidly adapting the new shopping patterns and buyer conduct.

People are attracted to idea of saving money, and this made these coupon websites so popular on the e-commerce platform. These coupon sites deals with the most significant as well as not so established brands.

How does these Coupons work?

E Commerce is catching up all around the globe, but there is one place in particular where you can witness this prominent change in India. We as Indian have a tendency of getting lured into great deal.

These Online Coupons can be provided by the shopping site or through indirect means which brings these coupon sites into picture. These coupons are offered in the form of codes, promotion key codes during sign up, referral codes for referring the website link to your friends. The deal can be presented in multiple forms, like 10% off or as flat sale, ‘Flat 500 off’ for instance, at times you can get a buy one get one deal, in which you are getting two products for the price of one.

Popularity of Online Coupon Site

There are over 100 popular coupon site in India, which works to deliver customers with the best available deals on the internet. The industry has grown tremendously over past two years. The advancement of technology and tech savvy customers have promoted online shopping in India. It saves time, energy and quite a lot of your money. According to a survey report released last in August by ComScore, more than 4.6 million people age over 15 accessed these Online Coupons sites, which shows that 10 % of Indian population is apt with this concept and regularly, consumes their services. Big shopping brands like Myntra, Amazon, Pepperfry owe their successful sale rate to these coupon websites which forces the traffic on their site.

Our initial human tendency pushes us towards any deal that promises us to save on some extra money. The introduction of shopping sites in India was followed by coupon industry, which not only helps in promotion of these shopping websites but also serves as a modern smart form of shopping.

These codes are not limited to a certain category which makes them even popular, as you can use them to buy a ticket or buy new denim.

Today smart shoppers invest a hard on energy to hunt the best coupon deal. Online Coupons sites are no less than a blessing to online shoppers. These coupon websites are adapting the new day technology, as several of websites are launching a compact version of their website in a form of phone application. This helps ensure customer comfort and easy accessibility to the app, anywhere and at anytime.

Problems faced by Online Coupon sites

More than 60% of Indian population still prefers to shop through offline means. While Out of this 10% of population remains unaware of these coupon site due to illiteracy or geographical reasons.

Amongst this 40% population of online shoppers, more than 12% still prefers to use the old school method of payment COD ‘Cash on Delivery’, despite the fact that many shopping sites offer one or another form of offer to prepaid payments through online means. COD adds extra value to your cart, as most companies charge extra, which can range between Rs 29-100 for this facility.

Youngster can be considered the most active users of both online shopping as well as these discount websites.


Online Coupons websites has helped transform the way Indian’s shopped a couple of years ago.  It’s a hassle free platform, where you don’t have to bargain to get the best as these coupon codes with already avail you the best offer. These industries, online shopping and online coupon have showcased dramatic growth in a short span of time.  E-commerce, the parent source of these industries has also grown since their introduction.




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