Choosing The Right Type Of Air Cooler

The air coolers are cheaper and efficient way of cooling a room. They work well in dry areas. Though the air conditioners have replaced air coolers these days, some people still prefer to use them. So, here are a few tips to help you choose air coolers in the most efficient way:

Different kinds of air coolers are available in the market such as desert coolers and portable room coolers. If you want to cool a larger area, then you should buy desert coolers. Although they require more power, space and water but they provide better cooling. Portable coolers are the best for personalized use and for a smaller room. You should always buy air coolers that provide a better cooling effect and less noise.

Features of Air Cooler: Once you have chosen the brand and model of the air cooler, you need to check the main features of air cooler which are:

  1. a) Pad Thickness: Thickness of pad is an essential factor to get air cooled well. Cooler pads should have a thickness of about 90 mm so that their performance is good.
  2. b) Variable Speed: Variable speed coolers are used to control the speed of the fan. It is better if the cooler has options for regulating speed.
  3. c) Automatic Water Level Controller: There must be an automatic water level controller which can maintain water in the cooler at pre-set levels and prevent flooding.
  4. d) Automatic Shutoff Dampers: The shutoff dampeners are flaps in the discharge of fan or in a duct which opens when the fan starts and closes when the fan is put off. This reduces the loss of cooling from the cooler.
  5. e) Remote Control: Air coolers nowadays come with remote control for an easy and convenient mode of operation. With the remote control, you can also set the speed control.

Air Cooler Size: Go for a larger air cooler if a large area requires being cooled. A personalized air cooler is sufficient for a small room. Also, the height of the ceiling is to be considered while looking for an air cooler. If the ceiling of the room is low, a smaller air cooler is quite sufficient. Make the required calculation of your room area before buying a cooler.

Cost Effectiveness: Air coolers are much cheaper than air conditioners. Their cost of operation is also lower than that of air conditioners.

Energy Efficiency: The air coolers consume much less energy than ACs, thus, minimizing the electricity bills. They can also work in low voltage areas.

Environment-Friendly: The air coolers emit very low CO2 as compared to air conditioners. So, they are safe and are not harmful to the environment. Further, they also use fresh, clean air from the environment.

Portability: There is a need to dig a hole in the house for a window AC installation, whereas air coolers are portable and can be used in any part of the house.

So, before spending your hard earned money, just go through these tips to make your purchase easy and convenient.

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