How Can You Get Free Coupons From a Coupon Website?


Coupon Code can be described as a key code that is used to avail an offer or a financial discount while purchasing a product. This trend was introduced way back in Western countries, which is just gaining popularity in India. With the increase in number of online shoppers in India, many coupon websites are also establishing. Coupon Code comes with a default appeal, because of the discount and the limited period offer; this forces the consumers to attack on the deal.

The emerging coupon discount prevailing websites has helped in the growth of E-commerce websites as well. It has opened a window, which promises to attract customers, with alluring deals and offers that one can’t afford to miss. There are more than 100 coupon sites in India. All of which are running to win the race. Various sites use different methods to lure customers. Some sites offer deals like buy 1 get 1 deal some offer flat 200 off sale and some offer a 5 – 50% discount. Coupon industry is emerging as a successful sector and is bringing its benefits to other E- commerce domains as well.

How do Coupon Code sites add coupons to their page?

There are multiple ways in which websites store coupon codes, some of its common methods include; storing default partner data feeds to promote associated brands, affiliate network data feed with the help of internet, etc. Some of the other relatively less common ways in which coupon websites store and share discount code include users’ submissions/ suggestions, sharing promotional emails and by scraping through web portals with automated tools.

These websites use custom CMS, to monitor and remove these coupon codes from the website after their expiry. However, in some cases these expired coupons work, which is the sole reason many coupon sites avoid removing these coupons. These Coupon Code sites serve as a mediator between the shopping sites and the customers. They are a major traffic provider to companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra etc. These companies earn revenue from retailers, who offer them money in exchange of the traffic they attract to their site. These sites are known, to run regular tests on these coupon codes in order to ensure their authentication and workability.

Process of getting a free coupon

The process is pretty simple, all you have to do is, go to any coupon website, find if any deal is available on your desired brand or product, now click on the link, and activate the code. It will be activated and get copied on your device. You can avail the discount, by applying it to your kart value during your checkout. Usually these offers are differentiated in two ways:

Coupon Code – These rebates are usually available in the form of a key code (promo, coupon, discount code), which is used during checkout. They are mostly provided in percentage or in flat sale.

Deal– Comes with a pre-defined catalog offer on products, which offers a similar discount on a category of products.

Most of these websites offer free online coupons, which can be seen and used by anyone, there are no specific set of rules, or mandatory memberships, in redeeming these Coupon Code from these portals.

You can shop according to the deals, by first running down the offers available on these sites; these coupon websites provide a link to the shopping site, which redirects you to the page on which the offer is applicable. This grants easy accessibility, with any required filtrations.


Serving its pre-defined purpose, Coupon Code sites, work towards offering the best discounts to its customers, without any trouble completely free of cost. All you have to do is just find the deal that suits you and copy it to the discount column placed on the checkout page. Coupon industry is drastically emerging as a great promotional segment to E-commerce. It is transforming the country, by luring people into using more and more online shopping portals, as it can deliver better offers and discounts. India is transforming into a pro tech society which is also helping E-commerce sector to grow, 67% of online orders are placed through mobile phones. Shopping applications have motivated many users to switch to online means, as it easier to understand and operate.


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