Blue Star AC vs Lloyd AC: Know Your Pick

As air conditioner can make your home cool more efficiently than other appliances, it can also save on your electricity bills if you are aware of certain facts. In order to buy AC that consumes less power, several things like Energy Efficiency Ratio, Cooling Capacity, Power Consumption, Star Rating needs to be taken into consideration. With the multiple brands available in the market, let’s have a look at the two most competent air conditioners’ brands. We have compared all the major factors to help you choose the best AC for you and your family this summer.

Blue Star:

With advanced technology, Blue Star provides air conditioners for residential and commercial use. For residential, the Blue star ACs are available in two different types including Window and Split. The split ACs by Blue star are certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). With this, the split air conditioners are known for high-performance cooling and low electricity bills. Moreover, they are available in 3-star and 2-star ratings. In 3-star category, you will find some amazing features such as Turbo Cooling, Blow Button, Hidden Display, and a lot more. On the other side, 2 star split ACs by Blue star come with marvelous ‘I Feel’’ feature that adjusts the temperature as per user’s comfort.

Coming to Blue Star Central Air Conditioners, they are used in every third commercial space in India. With a reach across the country, Blue Star offers a wide range of models to cater your commercial cooling requirements. Some of the major commercial ACs by Blue Star includes:

  • Inverter Packaged ACs
  • Packaged ACs
  • Ducted Splits
  • VRF Systems
  • Ducted Systems
  • Chillers
  • Concealed Split ACs

Moreover, the company claims that no one cools better rather than Blue Star air conditioners. The company also reports that they manufactured the first AC in India that cool in decimals. So, if you are planning to buy an AC, you can consider Blue Star air conditioners as they come with innovative features and technology.


Equipped with innovative features like Wi-Fi Control, 4D Air Suction, etc., Lloyd air conditions are not just ideal for cooling the room temperature, but enhancing the interior of your room. The ACs by Lloyd are available in two different types including Split AC and Window AC.

  • Lloyd Split Air Conditioner: The Split ACs by Lloyd are known for energy efficient feature to ensure you save a bit on your electricity bills. The wide range of Lloyd air conditioners are designed with state-of-the-art technology to make sure your family stays cool and comfortable. Other exciting features of Lloyd ACs include Anti-dust filter, Self-Clean, 4D Suction, On/Off timer, Hidden LED Display, Optional Wi-Fi, and so on.
  • Lloyd Window Air Conditioners: Available in economical prices, Lloyd Window ACs are best if you are looking to save money and get supreme performance at the same time. These ACs are equipped with hi-end features that include Anti-Dust Filter, Strong Dehumidification, Self-Diagnosis Function, LED Display, Two Way Swing, On/Off Timer, and others. Pick Lloyd Window ACs from a wide range of energy-efficient models and stay comfortable in the cool environment.


In addition, Lloyd air conditioners are available in different types, ranges, capacities, star ratings, and designs to meet users’ need and requirement. Besides, the ACs by Lloyd comes with Self-Diagnosis feature to fix the problem, Eco-friendly, LED display to know the status, and other such exciting features.

Both the brands, Blue Star and Lloyd provide a comprehensive range of air conditioners. Before choosing the brand or an AC, make sure you see all the features of the product and ensure it suits your requirement and budget. For more economical rates on home appliances, you can keep browsing IndiaShopps.

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