The Best Home Exercise Equipment

In today’s fast paced world, we don’t have enough time for ourselves. We don’t pay attention to our health or fitness. And, if you are the one who doesn’t have time to go to the gym. Here are some best home exercise and fitness equipment that help you to stay fit and healthy.

Jumping or Skipping Rope

One of the best fitness equipment, skipping rope helps you tone your muscles, burn calories fast and improves cardiovascular fitness. The best part about this fitness equipment is that it is easy to carry along and available at a very economical price. The reports suggest that jumping rope is the best equipment that burns more calories than running.

TRX (Total Resistance eXercise)  

The best training is to workout with your own weight and that is exactly what TRX does. With TRX training, your whole body workouts including strength and stability. The movable exercise equipment, TRX is an effective total body training kit to keep you fit without hitting the gym. It was actually evolved by Navy Seals and now implemented by leading athletics around the globe.

Punching Bag

This equipment not only helps you train your entire body, but neutralizes feeling of stress and depression. Along with improving your cardiovascular function, the punching bag trains your mind, body and soul. And not to forget the self defense abilities that you get by simply punching or kicking the bag. Considered one of the best associates of professional fighters, punching bag is a must-have essential for your home exercise.


A pair of dumbbells and you can do a number of exercises in the comfort of your home. As dumbbells can be used in many ways; you can train all your body parts, improve your strength and muscles. Some of the basic exercises that can be performed with this equipment include Squat, Abdominal Crunches, Lying Press, Lying Triceps, Bicep Curls, Bent-over rows, Overhead press, etc.

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