Beat the Scorching Heat this Season with an Air Conditioner



India being a tropical country people here experiences a warm climate for most of the year. Being close to the equator the temperatures can soar more than 40 degree Celsius in summer. So, to avoid the scorching heat and unpleasant humidity it is necessary that we buy a proper AC for our home and office. Investing in these machines will help increase your productivity in both home and office.

Here we have discussed the features of an LG AC and a Samsung AC.


To stay truly cool this summer you need an LG air conditioner. The brand is well known for its breathtaking designs and savvy technology. The LG air conditioners are equipped with some excellent features that will help beat the heat this summer. Listed below are a few:

  • After a long tiring day, you don’t want to wait for hours for your room to cool down. Knowing your need LG has launched ACs featuring the Himalaya Cool technology that instantly cools your room.
  • To reduce the monsoon woes the ACs are equipped with Monsoon Comfort technology that helps maintain the right temperature this season.
  • The brand has launched inverter ACs for cities and towns that are plagued by power fluctuation. INVERTER V, the LG in-house technology that is available for both window and split air conditioners. This technology helps in effective cooling as well as power saving. When the machine is started the compressor runs at its maximum speed to attain the desired temperature. As the desired temperature is reached the LG INVERTER will adjust the compressor speed to maintain the room temperature so that it consumes minimum power.
  • It comes with a 4-way swing mode that disperses cool air in multiple directions.
  • In LG AC the outer body is fully colored to match your interior looks.
  • LG air conditioners are durable as it has an MF condenser instead of traditional fin and tube condenser. The MF condenser is made of aluminum which prevents galvanic corrosion.
  • This ACs have an in-built skew fan and low vibrating compressor that produces less sound and helps you in a sound sleep.
  • The ACs are equipped with an inbuilt Auto-cleaning function that prevents the formation of bacteria and mold on the heat exchanger and ensures cleaner air for a long time.
  • LG split AC comes with an E-Saver mode that helps consume less power upon reaching a temperature when our body stops sensing temperature change.
  • This is the only company that provides 3M Micro Protection Filter.


Samsung is one of the values for money brand that manufactures air conditioner with excellent features. Listed below are a few:

  • Samsung AC’s are famous for their ‘eco-friendly’ nature. The company has designed air conditioners so that the machine uses less power and use product parts that can be recycled globally.
  • Samsung air conditioners have good looks and have a colored body (mostly maroon).
  • It is equipped with R410 refrigerant that has no impact on the ozone layer.
  • The ACs has S-Plasma Ion technology which Samsung regard as the ‘virus doctor’ as it removes OH radical, virus, bacteria present in the air and provides a healthier environment.
  • This ACs have Turbo Cooling mode that gives immediate cooling effect.
  • The ACs are available in every tonnage capacity with a BEE star rating.
  • It has an In-built stabilizer that protects against sudden voltage drop.
  • Here the compressor is made of copper and has an in-built technology called UTR Plus. This helps to quickly bring down the temperature even when it is severe hot outside.
  • Samsung AC’s comes with a Bio Sleep feature.
  • To remove microscopic dust particles it comes with a Full HD filter.
  • The AC comes with a Digital temperature display.

Thus both LG and Samsung manufacture AC with unique features. Customers will pick one that satisfies their cooling need.

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