Basic Training Tips For An Obedient Pet

Teaching your dog basic obedience is important for several reasons. As your pet is the most important member of your family, they should be easier to live with. The basic fundamentals like sit, look, come, and stay are essential for your pet. Here are some of the basic training instructions that make your pet an acceptable canine citizen.

Teach Him the Look or Watch Command

The first important training tip is to ensure your dog pays proper attention to you or understands what you trying to say. By teaching him the look command, your dog will have the proper focus on you. He will come running to you whenever you call him or in any situation. Look command is the most basic training tip for your pet.

Toilet Training

No doubt, potty training is the biggest challenge but it can be an easy process if you start when your dog is young. With toilet training, one needs to stay calm and be patient as it is the consistent process and may take longer for your dog to adopt. In this training process, you also need to understand your dog’s breed behavior. In order to understand dog’s breed behavior, you can purchase pet books from online stores.

Train Your Dog to Come When Called

The come command will help you to bring your dog back if he slips out of his leash. Apart from behavior prospect, the come command is also important for your dog’s safety. You can tell your dog to come by using his name; this will let him be acquainted with his name. Like look command, this command should also be mastered when your puppy is young or about two or three months old.

Teach Your Dog Basic Obedience

Apart from ‘come’ and ‘look’ commands, the other basic obedience that your dog should follow includes Sit, Drop, Stay, etc. These basic commands are the necessity to keep your dog under control and build a strong bond between you and your pet. It is definitely fun having an obedient pet in the family.

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