Why Air coolers are the best cooling appliances



Air cooler is a device that cools air through evaporation of water. Hot air is blown through a wet medium in the air cooler and after evaporation the air gets cool. The cooler air is blown forward through the fan. Wood scraps are there in the air coolers that act as cooling medium. This helps to drop the surrounding temperature using the fan. Cooling depends on the size of the cooling pad. The larger the cooling pad, the faster is the cooling. It doesn’t work on the principle of air conditioner that involves the work of refrigerant by the compressor. The compressor actually draws out the hot air of the room to the outdoor unit.

Advantages of using the Air Coolers

There are several advantages of using cooler than any other cooling appliances. Some of them are discussed below.

  • They consume much less energy to cool the room. Generally they have energy rating of 100 to 400 Watts. Other cooling appliance such as air conditioner has normal energy rating of 1000 Watt.
  • The room can be made humid by the cooler. Coolers are best for the less humid areas. They also work best in the area where air flow is more. So doors and open windows are preferred for running this appliance.
  • Coolers are portable and hence you can use them in any room. Stand in front of it and feel the fresh cool air. Fixed coolers are also available but portable versions are more expensive than the fixed ones.
  • The initial investment is also low. The cost of an air cooler is 10 to 15% of an air conditioner.
  • An air cooler doesn’t have any special insulation in the rooms.
  • It has very simple mechanism. Anyone can operate it easily. The spare parts are available all over the country at the reasonable values.
  • Stabilizers are not needed in operating the coolers.
  • In dry areas coolers are very helpful. They humidify the air and maintain proper balance.
  • No gases or other substances are required to use the coolers to give out cool air.

Coolers are much more environment friendly than other cooling appliance such as ACs. They can work in dry regions. However, one cannot use them in coastal regions or in places having more air pollution. Their maintenance is also very affordable. You have to only change and clean the water pads and water regularly.

Fan VS Air Coolers

Fan is another cooling appliance used all over the world. Both ceiling fans and table fans are equally popular. Fans consumes 35% less energy than air coolers. This is because air cooler uses the motor inside it to circulate water. The water makes the cooling pads drenched and the air cools down after being passed through the wet pads. For this reason the temperature is dropped down a lot making the interior a lot cooler, whereas a fan just circulates the air removing sweat from our skin and making us feel cool and comfortable. The only thing about air coolers is that it needs constant supply of water as a natural refrigerant to cool down the surrounding temperature. Considering all these features air coolers are better in all respects. Be cool while saving money in electricity.

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