How Air Conditioners help to control allergies



Allergies or allergic diseases are very common among people of all ages all over the world. This makes a person sick with skin or breathing troubles after eating something or being near some substances. These allergies can be administered orally or by injections under the skin. There are many types of allergies such as hay fever, allergic asthma, food allergies etc. Today children are affected with these allergies. They tend to sneeze, cough and have breathing problems. Now our topic to discuss is how air conditioners help to control these allergies.

If they are properly maintained they are likely to check allergic diseases. They filter our room’s air and maintain right humidity. In the world of allergies, these two things are the most important factors. According to estimation, millions of people across the world have one or other allergic symptoms. This may be due to the high air pollution and many other factors.

 What is the role of air conditioner to check allergies?

Air conditioners certainly help you to breathe better if you’re suffering from any seasonal allergy or all year long allergy such as from pets, dust etc. They filter out impure air inside the room and maintain fresh and healthy air. The filter prevents the air particles to remain within the room and move into your lungs. The air quality inside the room depends on the quantity of humidity in the area. Higher humidity leads to higher number of allergens like bacteria, mold etc. The allergens and irritants are kept aside with the controlled humidity by the ACs. Their aim is to give you a disease free, well balanced humidity in your home.

Maintaining the air conditioners properly is very important. Actually the HVAC system should never be neglected to keep the air quality good. The allergic diseases get worse with poor maintenance of air conditioners. The filters should be changed after some period of time, otherwise the dust or allergic particles will be blown inside your room as they will find no other space to go. Try to check if there is any leakage in the device. In that case the humidity can’t be maintained properly leading to dampness. Bacteria and mold are very fond of this damp environment enhancing your allergies readily.

Factors that you can do to your air conditioner to reduce your allergies are given below.

If we are conscious enough about our ACs, the allergies can be swayed. Follow these tips to remain healthy.

  • Keep your air conditioner cleaned and maintained twice a year to get fresh and clean air.
  • Any type of dust or debris should not be there beside the outdoor or indoor air conditioner units.
  • The filters should be changed or cleaned regularly.
  • The ductwork and HVAC units should be properly checked for leaks, mold or any other damages.
  • The doors and windows must be closed when the air conditioner is on.
  • You should think of replacement of air conditioner above ten years old.
  • All indoor register and returns must be dusted daily.

Allergy is a serious concern today. Maintaining your air-conditioners can definitely help with allergies.

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