JERN Silicone Orthopedic insoles Height Incresing Heel Cushion (Pink)

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JERN Silicone Orthopedic insoles Height Incresing Heel Cushion (Pink) Details

An orthopaedic product manufactured with the latest technology on silicone gel Especially indicated for tendinitis, heel pain, heel spurs and diabetic foot. Silicone Calcaneal Spur Heel Cups are perfect for a number of conditions causing foot and heel pain. They can be used to help relieve pain caused by, calcaneal spur, calcaneal pain, arthritis in the leg joints, and hip or knee prosthesis. They effectively relieve pain. Extremely elastic and soft, these heel pads are excellent pressure absorbents during sports practice, quickly relieving painful rubbings and providing an excellent support to the back of your feet. Anatomically designed for a comfortable fit. The extra soft silicone in the calcaneal spur area provides relief and reduces impact loads on the ankle, knee, hip, and spine. It protects and relieves inflammations or painful irritation caused by friction and stress. It facilitates rehabilitation and healing. It prevents the formation of keloids. It has excellent elasticity, lubrication and softness. It has excellent tolerance with the skin on prolonged use. It can be trimmed to suit your needs. available in BLUE POINT option when there are no inflammations and very severe pain of the calcaneal spur, and no extra softness is required for the heel.. To care for and maintain, wash with lukewarm water and neutral soap. Dry thoroughly with a towel or tissue paper and sprinkle with talcum powder or maize starch (cornflour). In case of sensitive skin apply a few drops of liquid Vaseline. Avoid direct exposure from heat or sun.
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