Health Care Price List in India

Today we live in a world where life has become so fast that we have kind of lost control over our health. We are constantly focusing on our work and deadlines, that our health has stopped being a priority for us thus making us unfit and sick at the slightest troubles. Health is one of those things that should be on the top of our priority list, as it is only in the best of our health that we will be able to perform well.

People often forget to take their medicines on time, use necessary protection, and keep themselves strong to not fall ill too often. But we are here to provide you solutions for all these problems. At IndiaShopps you can find a range of products to fulfill your health care needs and make sure that you remain fit and healthy always. So apart from eating healthy and doing regular exercise, you should also check out the Health care price online to get to know about various important health care products.

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Best Health Care Products (2019)

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Health Care Price List on January, 2019

Health Care Models List Updated Price List
Thermocare Gel Electric Warm Bag (Multi Colour) Electrical 1 L Hot Water Bag(Multi colour and Design) Rs. 250
Casa hotwaterbottle4 Non-Electrical 2 L Hot Water Bag(Red) Rs. 102
Bs Spy BS10 Cold Pack Rs. 299
Pin to Pen Basic Tablet Cutter Manual Manual Cutter(Blue) Rs. 118
Edos Hgel-01 Electric Hot Gel Bag Pack Rs. 200
GHK H43 Multipurpose Magnetic Dr.Marc's Eye Cool Mask for Redness, Puffiness & Dark Circles Pack(Green) Rs. 135
ROYALE AB81 Walking Stick Rs. 334
MAS Everflo Oxygen Oxygen Concentrator 5 LPM Respiratory Exerciser Rs. 49,000
Karma MagWheels Manual Wheelchair(Self-propelled Wheelchair) Rs. 5,899
AEPITO General Adult Mask Kit Nebulizer ADULT Respiratory Exerciser(Pack of 1) Rs. 120

Select Health Care Products From Different Categories

If you want to make sure that your health is good always, you should not focus on the Health care price list, but the products that you really need to maintain your health. We have mentioned products from diverse categories which you can shop from our store.  

Health Care Accessories - Keep a track of all the medicines you have to eat, and maintain a proper first aid box using health care accessories on our store. You can select from brands like Morpheme, Health, Royale, Varda, and more. 

Devices - Apart from the devices that we make use of on a daily basis, there are several health care devices as well which we can have at our home and keep handy always. You can buy stethoscope, acupressure and acupuncture kit on our store. These products are available from multiple brands like Deemark, Littman, Athreek,GVC and more. 

Sexual Wellness - One of the most important and yet hardly spoken about area of health and wellness is sexual wellness. You can find basic products like condoms and lubricants on our store in popular brands like Moods, Skore, Manforce, Durex, and more. 

Medicines and Treatment - One of the most crucial elements of good health is taking proper medicines and treatment. You can get various necessary products like cold packs, heating bottles, crepe bandages, tablet storing bottles and more from brands like Juzo, Vissco, BSN, etc. 

Buy Health Care Products Of Your Need Form IndiaShopps

There is no way you can expect a person to perform well and be all smiles if they are not feeling well. And in today’s time of extreme pollution, we need to be all the more particular about our health. Check out the Health care online price for several useful products including health masks on our site and ensure yourself basic protection from various infections, including sexually transmitted diseases. Visit the store once to see what all you can use to ensure your wellness.

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