Bath And Spa Price List in India

After a long and tiring day at work, one of the best methods you can opt to relax with is a rejuvenating bath and spa. Now we are not suggesting you spend loads of money on it, but try doing it at your home with all the required material. If you have a bathroom with a tub, you can fill it with hot water. Add some bubbles, light scented candles around it, and enjoy being in the hot water for as long as you want. If you have a Jacuzzi with a massager in it, then you have no idea what a bliss it will be to enjoy in there.

To enjoy a relaxing bath and spa at home you do not have to do much. Just go through the Bath and spa price online on Indiashopps and you will be good to go. Here you can select from a range of Bath and spa accessories, ranging from candles to body washes, to oils, soaps and more. Which can be used whenever you wish to enjoy a spa-like experience at home. 

Best Bath And Spa Products (2021)

Kazima Jasmine Essential Oil - 1000 ml

Kazima Jasmine Essential Oil - 1000 ml

Rs 11,600 Rs 14,065
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Bath and Spa Price List on June, 2021

Bath and Spa Models List Latest Price
Soil Fragrances Anti Tan Cleanser Handmade Ayurvedic Soap... Rs. 99
Soil Fragrances Cedarwood Essential Oil - 10 ml Rs. 305
Kazima Jasmine Essential Oil - 1000 ml Rs. 11,600
Kazima Coriander Essential Oil - 1000 ml Rs. 9,999
Kazima Vetiver Essential Oil - 1000 ml Rs. 9,999
Kazima Spikenard (Jatamansi) Essential Oil - 500 ml Rs. 7,568
Body Herbals Calming, Rose Geranium Cold Pressed Body Mas... Rs. 345
Taashi Rose & Geranium Bathing Bar Soap With Loofah - Set... Rs. 216
Taashi Natural Vetiver Patchouli Soap - Set Of 2 Rs. 261
Taashi Lemongrass & Honey Bathing Bar Soap - Set Of 3 Rs. 203

Select Bath and Spa related products from renowned Brands

When it comes to relaxation we wish to have a great time and not make any compromise with the kind of experience we get. The Bath and spa price list on our site can help go through the bath and spa products from a series of categories, which have been listed below for your reference.

Body wash - Make use of the mildest of body wash that prevents your skin from getting dry but makes sure that you smell good throughout the day. You can select from brands like Dove, Loreal, Nivea, Palmolive, etc.

Essential oils - Give yourself a relaxing massage with essential oils from different seeds, in brands like Ancient Healer, Kazima, Allin Exporters, Devinez.

Soaps - Choose mild body soaps and cleanse yourself from the daily sweat and dust. You can refer to the listed ayurvedic as well as other mild soaps from Dove, Fa, Medemix, Johnson’s Baby Soap, and more.

Talcs - Once you are done with the relaxing bath and spa, make sure you apply some body talc on areas like underarms and neck to ensure a pleasant fragrance all day long. Choose body talcs from brands like Vi-John, Nivea, Oriflame, Hula Hula, etc.

Relax yourself with bath and spa accessories available at IndiaShopps

You can choose to go for body massages and spas for relaxation, but when you choose to do it at home, you will find it all the more relaxing, as this would be much cheaper than what you would spend when you go to get it done from professionals. And if you do not make so much effort, you can always choose to do it a few times and then go out to get it done. The Bath and spa online price can be of help to you if you wish to do it at home instead of getting it done from someone else. 

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