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From centuries beauty has been associated with pureness and divinity. We as humans have a tendency of treating beauty as a royalty. Everybody wants to be admired, praised and loved. However, not all are ready to devote the time and effort to look beautiful. Sadly, today we live in a world surrounded by 50% more dirt and pollution than the old times, which makes it all the more important for us to protect our skin. Your face your beauty is a reflection of your health. Most health symptoms start showing first on the face and then on the rest of the body. Have you ever wondered why your skin starts breaking out and surprise you with a big pimple after a night out filled with greasy food or a stressful week at work? Well, the answer is simple, your skin reacts to the way you treat your body.

Today our skin needs more than just nourishing; it demands protection against UV rays as well as the pollution surrounding us in the air. Search for anything from fairness creams, sunscreens or medical necessities on our website. Users can compare everything from Healthcare Products Price list in India to the ingredients and the price of different cosmetics in the country. 

Product Categories

We have categorized our exquisite collection of beauty lotions and other healthcare products to make it easier for our customers to search for their desired product. Customers can also search for their desired brand based on their preferred brand or price range. We have ensured to provide all the bits of information about each in every product, to allow our customers to make note of any ingredient which they might be allergic too or doesn’t prefer in skin care products.

Healthcare Products Online

Stay protected any healthy and fulfill all your medical necessities from our website. Get everything from medical devices to accessories or treatment machinery from brands like Herbalife, Littman, Deemark, Varda, Bsn, Vissco and Juzo etc on our website. Or keep your sex life safe and sound, by staying protected using Condom brands like Skore, Moods, and Kamasutra.

  • Combos and Kits - Are you tired of searching for different makeup products from different brands then try out Combo kits offered by a different brand and get your whole collection from the same beauty brand without any hassle.

  • Cosmetics makeup price list in India - Whether you want to buy a beauty blender or an eyeshadow, we provide with a collection of all brands with a wide range of variety. Compare prices, quality and popularity of brands like Nyx, Lakme and Revlon etc. and let your skin shine like a star.

  • Skin Care Products Online - If a girl would ever stumbles across a genie, clear skin is going to be one of her three wishes. Well, don’t worry as we have listed everything from skin care creams, lotions, accessories and body care products under these categories. Customers can compare prices and quantity of different brands like Generic, Lotus, VLCC, Nivea, Avon, Olay, and Maybelline etc.

The Skin Care products online on our website will allow customers to make the best selection based on their skin type and their budget.

  • Hair Care - Hair is an essential feature of our body that determines our beauty and style. And thanks to the polluted air and water in urban cities, every other person is suffering from baldness or hair fall. Well not anymore as we have found promising hair care brands like Needybee, Roots, Majik and Takspin etc. that can help you in taking care of your roots.

  • Fragrance - Remind people of roses and vanilla where ever you go. Make everyone fall in love with your secret scent; choose a perfume that describes you and your style. Or just confuse people with different scents, by smelling like cake on weekend and different flowers on weekdays with our wide collection of affordable deodorants. You can get fragrances like Auravedic, Soulflower, Tvam, Armaf, Engage and Bhumija Lifesciences. Guys, you can also make a statement with your scent, and try out products like Denver or Fogg.

  • Nails - With online challenges releasing and trends changing every day, it has become important for us girls to take care of everything. Especially the things which we girls have been obsessed with since our childhood, painting our nails. Color your nails in different shades every day using nail paints from Foolzy and Opi. Don’t worry about nail polish remover, and as these brands will hydrate your nails with their love. You can shop for brand like Swiss Beauty, Liboni or Steel Paris.

  • Eyes - Experiment with different looks, by making long wings to going classic with the cat eye, with our smudge proof collection of Kajals and other eye makeup products.

  • Bath and Spa - Take a day off your skin and body deserve the same amount of love like you. So pamper your body with exotic body washes and massages from soothing essential oils to relax your nerves and your muscles. Start every day like a princess by bathing yourself with expensive soaps, and covering your body with a scent of expensive Talcs. Customers can find bath and spa products brands like Khadi, Yardley, Avi Naturals, Allin Exporters, Dove, Nyassa and many more products on our website. 

Compare Anything and Everything

The polluted air has also made our skin extra sensitive to chemical and alcohol-induced products. Online shopping allows users to search and get any brand they want without running to 10 different stores. This also allows users to check for different ingredients based on their skin type.

Stay healthy and beautiful with IndiaShopps

Use our filtered search for products based on your skin type. We have also enlisted every renowned Healthcare Products Online to help our users in selecting the best product for all their needs.

People often judge girls for wearing makeup, when deep down they admire their confidence and their beauty, only if they ever looked at the Cosmetics makeup price list in India, they will realize how much they love their skin and are ready to spend on it. Life is all about having fun, so keep sure to stay healthy and beautiful during this ride and stay youthful and vibrant forever.

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