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Although we live in a country where we have an abundant amount of sunlight during the day, not everyone is lucky to have a naturally well-lighted home. But there is nothing to be sad about. You can still have sufficient light in all your rooms with artificial lighting. And if you want it to be extraordinary then you can also opt for modern lighting or sensor lights. But these are often very costly and cannot be afforded by everyone. So a much cheaper alternative will be making use of the Lighting price online that we have on our store to help you compare different types of lights.

People often make a choice between yellow lights and white lights. Although a lot of people like to have a combination of both, there are times when all you need is a white light. You can choose from LED or CFLs, which might cost more than a regular golden bulb, but will last longer, and also consume lesser amount of electricity. At IndiaShopps, you can go through a variety of options to find the best one for your needs.

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Lighting Price List on January, 2019

Lighting Models List Updated Price List
HomeLights 12W Cool Day Light LED Bulb (White, Pack of 8) Rs. 1,400
LimeLight 12W Cool Day Light LED Bulb (White, Pack of 2) Rs. 1,310
7 Watt Led Bulb Set Of 10 Bulbs Rs. 527
LED Bulb 5 Watt White (Set of 3 pcs) Rs. 222
Red Blue LED Bulb - 640 to 660nm and 400 to 415nm Rs. 3,999
LED Bulb 7W Moser Baer Rs. 340
LED Bulb 7 Watt Rs. 290
3 W Led Bulb ( Set Of 5 Pcs )-(COMSHARB636) Rs. 833

Different types of Lighting and Brands in India

Users often prefer to choose products from a range of options available. Your need of a good variety has very much been taken care of on our store, which is why we provide you with Lighting price list in India so that you can compare and choose from different types of lights. A few of the categories that you can find on our page include:

CFL - These are the kind of bulbs that you can choose to place in different corners of the house. Be it the ones that remain lighted always, or the ones that are lit occasionally. These CFL bulbs consume less amount of electricity thus proving their cost effectiveness. You can select these from brands like Philips, Samson, Havells, Spiral, Osram, and more.  

LED Lights - These can be costlier but are totally worth it, because they consume an even lesser amount of electricity and give a lot of light. LED Lights last longer than average lights and are usually used in places that are constantly lighted. They not only provide great amount of light, but are also sleek and beautiful, the available brands for LED include Syska, Imperial Wipro, Opple, and more.

Light up your Home and Office with IndiaShopps

A well-lighted place makes you feel happy and cheerful. All the public places you go to, are usually very well lighted, except for cinema halls, which are required to be dark. Lighting is crucial to how you feel at a particular place. Although too much lighting can also be bad, you should not choose to have ill-lit homes or offices. Go through the list of Lighting online price and opt for one that not only lights up the place but also your mood. We have several options presented to you from multiple commonly visited shopping sites, so grab on your shopping hats, and start shopping now to make your home look lit this year. 

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