Pressure Cooker Price List in India

When we think about cooking rice, we automatically think about Pressure cookers. Cookers have always been a very important part of Indian household, which help in cooking various types of pulses rice and other products. They can also be used for making idlis, momos etc. Here are the few types of cookers which have been designed in the last decade for fulfilling all user requirements. So, if you don’t have any of these, you better order Pressure Cooker Online right now. 

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Pressure Cooker Price in India

Latest Pressure Cooker Models List (2018) Updated Prices
Pigeon 12261 Aluminium 3 L Pressure Cooker (Induction Bottom, Inner Lid)Rs.579
Pigeon Special Combo Pack Aluminium 2 L,..Rs.1,599
Pigeon Special 12653 Aluminium 5 L Pressure..Rs.849
Prestige Clip On 2 L Stainless Steel Pressure..Rs.2,599
Prestige clip on handi Hard Anodized 5 L..Rs.3,450
Prestige Popular Aluminium 2 L Pressure Cooke..Rs.975
Hawkins 3 L Pressure CookerRs.1,560
Prestige Popular plus Aluminium 1.5 L Pressur..Rs.949
Prestige popular Aluminium 1.5 L Pressure..Rs.900
Hawkins Contura SSC20 Stainless Steel 2..Rs.1,929

Aluminum Cookers

They are one of the most common Standard pressure cookers which you will find in every household. It is used by most families for cooking for fulfilling their daily requirements. Customers can find cookers capacities ranging from 1liter - 22 liters.

Hard Anodized Cookers

Hard anodized cookers have been designed for an efficient and effective cooking in a short span of time. They are known for heating up quickly which automatically helps in fast cooking. They are also non-toxic, and also do not stain.

Induction Pressure Cookers

As the name suggests these are designed with metal layering which makes them compatible to be used with an induction cooking top. Users can use these cookers on their gas stove as well as on induction cooktops for preparing whatever they want.

Microwave Cookers:

Looking at the popularity of Microwaves, cooker manufacturers designed a cooker which can be used in a microwave for delivering a fast cooking experience. They consist of features like anti-clogging mechanism and precision weight measurement.

Handi Cookers:

Handi Cookers are designed with traditional design in mind but comprises of all the modern technology available in the market.

Brands and Price List in India

We offer brands like Hawkins, Pigeon, Bajaj, Premier, Deluxe, United, Kaviraj and Prestige, which are one of the most trusted kitchen utensils brands in India. These brands can be considered as the Kings of kitchen in India. We can guarantee that if you enter your kitchen you will find one of these brands lying in there. We recommend customers to browse through the Pressure Cooker Price List in India, to grab the most affordable deals. Users will be not able to find these varied cookers on the offline market, as most local store owners don’t prefer storing a large amount of collection at their store because of space restrictions. Pressure Cooker Price Online can also turn out to be more affordable for the users as they would be able to avail discount offers and other coupons on their selected products.

Compare Pressure Cookers at IndiaShopps

Customers can use IndiaShopps for running comparison for features, specification and price in India to grab the most affordable deals on the internet. So, now you can prepare tasty food within a few minutes. These cookers are designed to heat up quickly which also helps in significantly reducing the gas usage. Their design also ensures to prevent any heat blasts or burning the users’ hands, because of its plastic handles. So, you no longer have to get scared of your cooker’s whistling noise while it cooks your food.