Electric Rice Cookers Price List in India

Are you living alone away from your family in a hostel or a PG? Are you a mother who gets tired sometimes because of your daily routine? Then you must go through days when you are too tired to cook a meal. Using an electric rice cooker all you will have to do is put some rice with a measured quantity of water in it. Then plug the cooker into an electrical connection, and voila just turn on the switch and your rice will start cooking. In the meantime, users can focus on preparing anything else to go with the rise and you will have a perfect meal. Most of these electric cookers are automatic which cook the food on its own and turn off as soon as it is ready to be served. It basically uses its thermostat to check the boiling temperature of the inner pot to decide whether it’s time to turn off or not.

Customers can browse through our website to run a comparison and buy Electric Rice Cookers Online.  They can also be used by young children, so you can teach kids to make rice in your absence safely without the involvement of gas stove or fire. Customers can also use them for other things like cooking porridge, pulao, soup, stew, idlis, or steam vegetables. They also help in saving gas, as well as electricity as it heats up quickly, by making rice within a few minutes.

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Electric Rice Cookers Price in India

Latest Electric Rice Cookers Models List (2018) Updated Prices
Panasonic SR-G06 0.6L Small Family Size Electric CookerRs.2,429
Hi-Tech Travel Mini Multi-cookerRs.1,999
Kent 0.9L Personal Rice CookerRs.2,000
Hi-Tech Claypot 4L Multi CookerRs.8,799
Panasonic SR-Y22FHSPMB 5.4L Electric Rice..Rs.3,670
Hi-Tech 104 1.5L Claypot Travel Mini CookerRs.7,645
Panasonic SR-G06 0.3L Electric Rice CookerRs.2,490
Butterfly Jade 1.8L Electric CookerRs.1,899
United UD747 2.8L Electric CookerRs.1,850
Baltra Star Deluxe BTS900D 2.2L Electric..Rs.2,149

Electric Rice Cookers - Brands and Price Online

Users can find brands like Butterfly, Prestige, Bajaj, Panasonic, Hotsun, ILO, Borosil, Baltra, and United etc. We have only enlisted trusted brands in the country to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the products. You can go through our Electric Rice Cookers Price List in India to get a rough idea about the price range of the product, which they can use for purchasing their desired product.

The best part about buying these, Electric Rice Cookers Online is that you can avail several discount coupons or festive offers on them, which you never get if you visit your nearest kitchen appliance store. Users can also refer to our star rating to get an idea of the popularity of the brand or the product. If a customer wants to search for a product based on Electric Rice Cookers Price List, he/she can simply use the filters available on the left-hand side of our website and select their preferred brand.

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