Ups Price List in India

Uninterruptible power supply or UPS as it is commonly known is a much needed device if you are looking to run a PC or any other critical devices without bothering about a power cut. Besides allowing you to operate your computer when the power goes down, the device also maintains a standard output voltage which effectively protects your computer and other critical equipment from damage.

In many parts of our country power cuts are a reality. Given the scenario the last thing you would want would be to lose data on your computer, just because you did not have a proper backup device in place. While choosing such a device, do give a thought about the backup time you need, the look and feel you wish to have and the dimensions you prefer. A quick online search on our site will showcase you the typical UPS price for the product type you are looking at.

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UPS Price in India

Latest UPS Models List (2018) Updated Prices
Subitron Mercury CFL UPS (With EXIDE SMF Battery)Rs.1,490
APC BR1000GUXI 1000VA UPSRs.4,500
Microtek TP PRO 650 Plus UPSRs.2,099
FSP FP600 Line interactive UPSRs.2,349
APC SMT750RM2U Smart UPSRs.67,062
APC SRCE6KUXI Smart On Line UPSRs.65,000
APC SRC10KUXI Smart On Line UPSRs.155,000
APC BK350 Back Up UPSRs.19,909
V-Guard Sesto 600 600VA UPSRs.2,222
BPE MF Series MF1103L8 On Line UPSRs.25,370

UPS - Brands and Price List in India

To help you secure an apt product, we have listed the most popular brands in this category in our site. From companies like Microtek and FSP to manufacturers like Hykon and Relicell has been listed to give you a wide variety of choice. In fact you can scan through for UPS price list in India with the help our site. We also have curated stylish rack mounted devices which would go really well with a home office setup. Further if you are looking at top of the line products, some of the best offerings from BPE MP Series and APC Smart range would meet your specific requirements. You can also choose the colour and design based on your aesthetic taste and needs.

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The device you choose is responsible for making sure your computers and other critical devices stay in shape. Hence it is important for you to compare the products available and the best way to do so involves using our Add to Compare option. Just choose the devices you wish stack up against one another and then evaluate them as our tool lists them feature wise. You need to give special emphasis on facts like warranty, the amount of backup time it promises and other salient aspects. Using our website you can find the details for all UPS price online and can even make a neat saving. On our site you can quickly compare UPS price in India that are displayed on different ecommerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart and opt to go with one which is offering the best deal. You can also access to relevant coupons from leading sites. We always try to give all information that you need for making an informed choice in a single view. Ideally for buying any critical product it is important to note multiple technical facts into consideration along with the price. So before moving to a site for buying the shortlisted device, you can view details about the delivery type offered by the site, and the user ratings the product has gained.