Solar Appliances Price List in India

Solar appliances are a reliable solution for preserving energy and other sources on the planet as they are a never-ending source of energy. These appliances work on solar energy which harnesses the heat emitted by sun , which can be used anytime in the future in the form of solar thermal energy. They are an effective and efficient alternative to electricity and can help in sustainable development of resources.

Our nation is blessed with a sunny climate, and we enjoy the heat of the sun in pretty much every season of the year, which makes solar appliances a suitable option for our country. Especially in areas where people are always fed up with power cuts. So, if you are tired of power cuts in your area then grab one of these appliances, and enjoy any machine you like at your place with the natural power of sun’s heat. These appliances demand a onetime investment which can help you in saving a lot of money, as you won’t be having any electricity bill. These appliances will automatically charge up in the daytime under the sun, ready to use in the night.

Best Seller Solar Appliances of 2018

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Solar Appliances Price in India

Latest Solar Appliances Models List (2018) Updated Prices
Global Solar Energy Solar Home LightingRs.9,000
Rooftop Urja 10000W 3-Phase Solar Net-Meterin..Rs.770,000
Exide Eco Poly 150WP Solar PanelRs.10,910
Infinite Solar 7.5W Solar LED Street Light..Rs.6,164
Elecssol 100W Solar PanelRs.5,990
Exide PWM 12/24V 10A Solar Charge ControllerRs.3,000
Goldi Green 3W 10.8V Solar PanelRs.489
Diya 3W Li-ion based Solar LED LanternRs.2,700
Microtek 12V 100W Solar PanelRs.8,800
Flin Energy FlinSlim MPPT 2kVA-24V Solar Hybrid InverterRs.63,900

Solar Appliances - Brands and Price List in India

You can research for some of the most popular energy saving brand in the country like Global, Rooftop, Exide, Luminous, Infinite, Elecssol, Goldi, Green, Diya, GPT and Microtek on our website. Just refer to our Solar Appliances Price List in India to get an estimate of the price range of these products to shop for them according to your budget. Users can also look for these products by searching for their brands or by using the filters provided on our website which will allow you to search based on a particular price range.

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Customers can find different types of solar energy based home appliances on our website. You can shop for products like study lamps, lights, studio panel, solar charge controller, and lightening system etc.  It is essential we start to adopt a more sustainable way of energy consumption. But we also understand that most of these solar energies operated products are expensive, so start making baby steps and invest in one product at a time.