Ornate CFL Bulbs Price in India

Do you Want to Save Up on those Electricity Bills – Choose an Ornate CFL

With the invention of the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), it has become possible to enjoy bright lights without running up a huge power bill. Ornate is a reputed brand that offers CFL products that lasts for about 6,000-15000 hours, which is much longer than any incandescent lamps in the market. This brand’s CFL range has proven to be really cost effective for commercial buildings. If we talk about the CFL design, Ornate delivers some of the best spiral designed CFL products in the market. Apart from that, Ornate CFL Price in India is affordable for every household.

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Best Ornate CFL Products (2019)

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Price List of Ornate CFL Bulbs

Ornate CFL Models List Updated Price List
Ornate 8 W CFL Bulb (White, Pack Of 3) Rs. 450
Ornate 5W B22 CFL Bulb (White, Pack of 5) Rs. 599
Ornate Combo Of 9 W LED Bulb And 20 W CFL Bulb (White) Rs. 449
Ornate Combo Of 0.5W LED & 20W 3U CFL Bulbs (White) Rs. 265
Ornate 8 W CFL Bulb (White, Pack of 10) Rs. 1,310
Ornate 8 W CFL Bulb (White, Pack of 5) Rs. 484
Ornate 12W LED Bulb, 27W CFL Bulb (White) Rs. 470
Ornate 8W, 15W, 20W, 23W, 27W CFL Bulbs (White, Pack of 5) Rs. 998
Ornate Combo Of 12W LED Bulb And 23W CFL Bulb (White) Rs. 499
Ornate 5W B22 CFL Bulb (White, Pack of 10) Rs. 999

Ornate CFLs Lights will Light up Every Corner!

At IndiaShopps our editors have curated an extensive range of Ornate CFL products for you to go through. If you want a bulb that perfectly lights up small spaces, then you should get Ornate 5W B22 CFL Bulb. It has B22 pin type base with a diameter of 22mm. Its 5W Wattage is enough for small spaces like washrooms or storerooms. On the contrary, if you are looking for a CFL that is adequate for big space like halls or offices then you should opt for Ornate 23 W Spiral CFL Bulb. It has B22 pin type which can be easily fitted in any ordinary bulb holder. Its spiral body emits efficient light. Additionally, it improves the room’s look and makes it look bright and elegant.

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