Combo LED Light Price in India

Combo LED lights are known for their flawless performance and environment-friendly lightening. All their LED products are energy efficient and are durable as well. When it comes to reliability for industrial uses, the brand has earned kudos from its business customers who swear by the performance of its LED offerings and their reduced heat signatures.

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Best Combo LED Light Products (2019)

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Price List of Combo LED Lights

Combo LED Light Models List Updated Price List
Combo 3X3W And 5W Led Bulb ( 4Pcs )-(COMSHARB703) Rs. 592
Combo 3W And 7X5W Led Bulb (8Pcs)-(COMSHARB715) Rs. 1,091
Combo 7X3W And 5W Led Bulb (8Pcs)-(COMSHARB797) Rs. 973
Combo 3W And 5W Led Bulb (2Pcs)-(COMSHARB831) Rs. 402
Combo 3W And 2X5W Led Bulb (3Pcs)-(COMSHARB935) Rs. 516
Combo 3W And 5X5W Led Bulb (6Pcs )-(COMSHARB983) Rs. 861
Combo 3W And 2X5W Led Bulb (3Pcs)-(COMSHARB1070) Rs. 516
Combo 3W And 7X5W Led Bulb (8Pcs)-(COMSHARB1120) Rs. 1,091
Combo 3W And 5X5W Led Bulb (6Pcs )-(COMSHARB668) Rs. 861
Combo 2X3W And 2X5W Led Bulb ( 4Pcs )-(COMSHARB697) Rs. 612

Combo LED Light is Affordable Used by All

Our editors have painstakingly created an extensive range of Combo LED lights for you to go through. The range listed on our site varies across different price points and there is something for everyone. If you are looking for something at a low-price range, we have around thirty products that cost below the 500 marks. This includes 3W and 5W bulbs which have a long life and produce a bright ambiance in any standard room. Now if you are looking for bulbs that have more power, you can buy sets of 8W and 5W watt bulbs that retail just above the 1000 rupees mark. All these products are characterized by low power consumption and also noted for being efficient in task lighting. In fact, many business users display a stark preference for Combo LED lights for parking and outdoor lighting.

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