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With the Home Appliances Price List in India easily available online, shopping for anything from electronic appliances online for your home is now possible! Depending upon your needs and requirements, you can now opt for appliances for any given place in your house, be it your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and more. At Indiashopps we provide you with a comprehensive comparison list for multiple appliances you would want for your home, so stop waiting, and start comparing and shopping! 

We have enlisted a wide range of home appliances to help the customers track and get the best available deal from our website. Handle all your chores and buy electronic appliances online, without traveling to 10 different stores, and compare products prices, features and specification on our website. Customers running on a budget can put filters on their search and select from a specified price range, vendor or brand. 

Kitchen Appliances

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  • Borosil Chefdelite BCH20DBB21 200W Chopper Image
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  • Pigeon Toast Sandwich Toaster Image
    Pigeon Toast Sandwich Toaster
    Shock proof heat resistant body / Power on and off indicators / Easy to clean and non stick coating plates
    Rs 849
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  • Morphy Richards Vivo Chopper Image
    Morphy Richards Vivo Chopper
    This product does not require installation. please contact brand customer care for any product related queires. Customer Service Number: 18001025963 / Adjustable Speed Control / Easy push start button
    Rs 1,420
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  • Morphy Richards 52 RCSS OTG Image
    Morphy Richards 52 RCSS OTG
    Capacity: 52 litres, Suitable for 5-8 people / Cooking capability: Baking, Grilling, toasting / Warranty: 2 years
    Rs 10,045
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  • Black & Decker Cool Touch Toaster ET122 Pop Up Toaster Image
    Black & Decker Cool Touch Toaster ET122 Pop Up Toaster
    Electronic browning control / Buttons : Frozen, reheat and cancel / Automatic pop-up
    Rs 1,800
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  • Kent Gold Optima UF 10L Water Purifier Image
    Kent Gold Optima UF 10L Water Purifier
    Color: Aqua Blue / Purification by hollow fiber ultra filtration membrane / Use of nano-silver carbon for better disinfection of water
    Rs 1,294
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  • IFB 25SC3 Microwave Image
    IFB 25SC3 Microwave
    25L Capacity:Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members / Convection: Can be used for baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking / Warranty: 1 year on Product & 3 years on Magnetron & Cavity
    Rs 8,890
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  • Whirlpool Magicook 20SW 20L Microwave Image
    Whirlpool Magicook 20SW 20L Microwave
    20L Capacity:Suitable for bachelors & small families / Solo: Can be used for reheating, defrosting and cooking / Warranty: 1 year comprehensive warranty on Product & 2 years on Magnetron
    Rs 3,909
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  • Bajaj JX 4 2 Jars 450 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder Image
    Bajaj JX 4 2 Jars 450 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder
    This product does not require installation. please contact brand customer care for any product related queires. Customer Service Number: 18001025963 / Do not worry if you experience some burning smell when you run your mixer grinder for the 1st time .This is due to the motor varnish getting heated for the 1st time. The problem should not recur in subsequent uses. If it does, please contact Brand Service Centre / Since your mixer grinder runs on a powerful motor, there will be some noise. If the noise level seems abnormal, please contact Brand Service Centre
    Rs 2,363
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  • Morphy Richards AT 401 Pop Up Toaster Image
    Morphy Richards AT 401 Pop Up Toaster
    Warranty: 2 years on product / Power: 1400 watts / Customer Service Number: 18001035963
    Rs 1,799
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  • Bajaj SWX4 Grill Toaster Image
    Bajaj SWX4 Grill Toaster
    Non stick coated plates for easy cleaning and maintenance / Buckle clip on handle / Cord winder at the base
    Rs 1,119
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  • Tata Swach Crystal 18L UF Water Purifier Image
    Tata Swach Crystal 18L UF Water Purifier
    Installation: Product does not require installation. For demo please contact brand's customer care / Type: Non-electric with storage / Warranty details: 6 months
    Rs 1,909
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  • Bajaj Vacco GO-EZZEE C-02 Roti Maker Image
    Bajaj Vacco GO-EZZEE C-02 Roti Maker
    BAJAJ VACCO® Electricals - Over 60 years old National Company with Tradition of High Quality and Un-conditional After Sales Services. / Automatic Electric Chapati/Roti/Khakra Maker : The Product from BAJAJ VACCO® has been crafted with utmost engineering precision to make sure that nothing short of the BEST rotis / chapattis / khakras reach your plate every time. Rotis / chapattis that are light, fluffy, quick and just like the ones you see on TV commercials, reminding you of your Home made chapattis. / High quality components : The roti / chapati - maker has been made of superior quality tubular element. The tawa has been made of a best food grade Teflon coated non-stick aluminium. Besides, the sturdy outer body has been made of stainless steel. The BAJAJ VACCO® roti / chapati - maker are doubly checked for perfect performance by our highly trained engineers.Dimension:- Tawa Size = 20.26 Cm approx 8 Inch , Box LxBxH = 30.48 x 22.86 x 22.86
    Rs 1,912
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  • Lifelong LLSM115T 750W 4 Slice Sandwich Maker Image
    Lifelong LLSM115T 750W 4 Slice Sandwich Maker
    Non-stick plates provide a healthy low fat sandwich / Grill Sandwich: Hinged lock for well grilled sandwiches / Light Indicators: Red for power/heater
    Rs 733
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  • Hi-Tech 0806 Chef Master Stand Mixer Image
    Hi-Tech 0806 Chef Master Stand Mixer
    Includes 3 Blades For Mixing / Beater, Balloon Whisk And Dough Hook / Includes A 4 Litre Stainless Steel Bowl With Bowl Cover
    Rs 11,819
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Home Appliances

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Heaters, Fans & Coolers

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Home Appliance Product Categories

We have categorized appliances in different sections to help our customers search for their desired appliance in an efficient way. In India, when we buy an appliance, we put a lot of thought and reasoning into it, where he/she expects it to serve their needs for at least more than 10 years.

  • Kitchen Appliances - Enjoy the deliciousness of fresh juices and other homemade delicacies. Living alone can be hard and going to restaurants every day can make you financially unstable. You know what is the best thing you can invest in during that time? Food processors. Make cooking super-duper easy and take full advantage of living in the 21st century. We have everything from dishwashers to juicers to cookers and more.
  • Home Appliances  - Every product under this category is a necessity, without which one cannot imagine his/her life. Can you image living in Rajasthan or Mumbai, without a Fridge or AC? Well, use home appliances and ditch your maid and make a one-time investment in a vacuum cleaner and a dishwasher. Customers can also look for fulfilling their daily appliance needs and compare emergency lights, invertors, refrigerators, washing machines and irons on our online site. 
We also have a product category for Solar Appliances, to motivate young India to use solar energy and make our country more green and clean. We have listed all renowned and trusted brands like LG, Philips, Voltas and Panasonic on our website, so our customers can blindly focus on feature and price comparisons.

  • Heaters, Fans & Coolers  - Can you imagine living without fans in summer? Well, we have comprised some of the finest fan designs, to help our customers purchase a product which can complement their home décor. An air conditioner is an expensive investment for students living in PGs and rental, but they sure can beat the heat using the affordable options of air coolers. Winters are coming and so is the demand of Heaters Items Online. Customers can also find room heaters, immersion rods, geysers and air purifiers in this section. We promise to offer you products that will warm your winters and cool your summers.  
  • Lighting - Light, probably the most underrated invention of all times. Do you think Einstein would have been able to invent any of his theory studying in the darkness of night? Every invention of achievement that anyone has ever made has to credit some of it to the light bulbs and tube light which were turned on in the rooms that they were practicing in. Enlighten your house with LED and CFL lights, and allow your kids to have a better future in the brightness of this light. We have comprised brands like Philips, Havells and Wipro etc, to make it easy for our customers to choose the best lights. Search from a wide range of Lighting Price Online, and invest in the best affordable option.

It’s Raining Brands in IndiaShopps

We have listed the best appliances manufacturers in the country, to make it easy for our precious customers to choose whatever product they need with a blind trust and assurance of quality. This also helps our customers to choose from a wide range of Home Appliances products. Our customers are free to run down customized search on our online website, to compare features, price and other offers.

100% Quality and Longevity Guaranteed

Quality is one of the key mottos of our website, and we ensure to run several tests and an in-depth on each product and brand which is listed on our website. Our customers deserve nothing but the best and we assure that they are able to get the best deals on our website. We also update our website content regularly, so the user doesn’t have to worry about the piece change on the vender’s website.Customers can opt for online shopping and avail offers that can help them save them more than 10% of their money.

Use online Customer Reviews while Purchasing

Are you feeling a little skeptical about purchasing a specific brand?  Don’t worry as users can use our website to read product reviews written by our valued customers, which are published on our online store. These reviews will allow customers to understand the products while making the choice. One thing that we recommend our customers frequently is that they should buy products based on the space available in their home. The customer should know their household need before purchasing any appliance for your home or kitchen.

Make your life more Comfortable or Just Create a hobby

Indiashopps provides everything you need at your home from fans to geysers or AC to refrigerators. We believe in taking care of all your household needs and making your life super relaxing and easy. Trust us; you deserve the comfort of these high-tech kitchen appliances online India to cook for your family. We want to enlighten the hidden cook in you who can make delicious baked dishes, only if he/she had an oven. We know you have a fashion degree and we want you to get back on that sewing machine and create some masterpieces.

Just like purchasing from a regular store, these home appliances will also be packed in very large boxes that need to be opened. However, due to the overall convenience, online purchases are preferred over shopping from a traditional mall. There is an assortment of eminent line retail stores in the market today. For the sake of supporting their businesses, they have established both the offline and the online models. Online stores present attractive offers for every equipment that you're looking for. So the next time you need to buy a kitchen appliance, look for a dependable online shop.

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