Women Pendants Price List in India

Diamonds are girls best friends - Movie song featuring Marilyn Monroe. Perfectly said long time ago and still true years after that. Precious jewellery is always been and always will be timeless classic. Being passed from one generation to another. Being cherished by all young or old. If you put pendants along with a simple dress , it will lift the entire look to a next level. Even though Fancy Jewellery has taken over largely due to risk associated with precious jewellery and that cant be worn in our daily life. But the charm and elegance of original cant be matched. One always look forward to occasions to put on pendants. Admiration from your loved ones always follow with that.

Women Pendants Price List in India (2016)

Women Pendants Price List Prices Rating
RR FOREVER Silver Emerald Silver PendantRs.7004/5
Galaxy GURU YANTRA Silver PendantRs.4454/5
RR FOREVER Silver Tourmaline Silver PendantRs.1,0004.5/5
RR FOREVER Silver Ruby Silver PendantRs.1,2004/5
RR FOREVER Silver Garnet Silver PendantRs.8005/5
Gold n Stone The Star Rays 14K Diamond Gold PendantRs.20,0004/5
Galaxy SURYA YANTRA Silver PendantRs.4454/5
Vorra Fashion Snowflake Fancy Pendant Platinum NAK Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver PendantRs.1,4965/5
Jacknjewel 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Yellow GoldRs.15,1574/5
Galaxy SHUKRA YANTRA Silver PendantRs.4455/5

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