Swimwear Price List in India

Swimwear is a category, which most people fall prey to because they do not have sufficient knowledge of how to buy a swimsuit. The most important thing while buying a swimsuit is focusing on your body shape. Analyze your type of body shape and then search for the correct silhouettes for yourself.

You can go out of your styles and opt for new ones. If you are uncertain about the size of the swimwear, go for the smaller size because swimsuits expand when they get wet. Do not choose the trendy ones just because they look stylish and fashionable, perfect size is the most important thing.

 Also, do not go for the loose ones as they create a gap when you go in water and then tend to loosen up. You can go for various types of swimwear suits as per your requirements like the one-piece swimwear will not be explosive to your waist, 1940’s style is a high-waisted swimsuit and hides your waist. If you want to show off your waist you can go for a tankini. Other types of swimsuit include boyshorts, high-cut bikini, haulter tops style swimsuits etc.

The best brands we have with us are Aayanbaby, Amante, Amoena, Beautyin, Bleu Rod Beattie, Charmleaks, Clovia, Da Intimo etc.

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Swimwear Price List in India

Position Swimwear Price List in India Prices Rating
1Happy Hangar Printed Silk Chiffon Women's KaftanRs.3454/5
2Happy Hangar Printed Silk, Chiffon Women's KaftanRs.4954/5
3Happy Hangar Printed Silk Chiffon Women's KaftanRs.3455/5
4Private Affairs Solid Women's SwimsuitRs.1,6004/5
5Private Affairs Solid Women's SwimsuitRs.1,6005/5
6Private Affairs Solid Women's SwimsuitRs.1,6004/5
7Fascinating Fashion Solid Women's SwimsuitRs.1,3645/5
8Lactra Solid Women's SwimsuitRs.1,2304/5
9Lactra Solid Women's SwimsuitRs.1,2305/5
10Lactra Solid Women's SwimsuitRs.1,2305/5