Women Shapewear Price List in India

Lingerie & Sleepwear is very intimate to every girl & women. This is her very own personal space which is just to her. A must of Lingerie & Sleepwear is comfort. This is the premise of this category. Being worn for more than 8 to 10 hours a day it has to be comfortable that all routine jobs like walking, sitting, jogging and everything can be done without being thinking of Lingerie. Another good fact is that one can play with different colors, shapes , prints etc for shapewear as that goes un-noticeable to outside world hence don’t have to bother that what others will think of you, will it suit your style statement or is it outdated. Its just you who will be comfortable and happy that matters the most. With the influence of western world these days we get shapewear in so many different variants, colors, materials etc. With so many domestic & international brands being present in India and selling all sorts of shapewear, it's a girls dream come true.
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Women Shapewear Price List in India (2016)

Women Shapewear Price List Prices Rating
Rahul Toys Women's ShapewearRs.2994/5
HealthMax Women's ShapewearRs.6994/5
HealthIQ Women's ShapewearRs.9495/5
HealthIQ Women's ShapewearRs.1,1394/5
California Beauty Women's ShapewearRs.3125/5
POSH OFFER Women's ShapewearRs.4995/5
Hot Shaper Women's ShapewearRs.2705/5
Birde Women's ShapewearRs.6164/5
Birde Women's ShapewearRs.4934.5/5
Birde Women's ShapewearRs.5214/5

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