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Socks Price in India

Socks are the most negligible accessories that we ever come across while shopping. People generally tend to place it at the bottom of their checklist, but a bad looking pair of socks can absolutely break your look. However, a very little part of your socks shows up but it can define your overall choice to the other person.

Suppose you are dressed up nicely from top to bottom but carrying a mismatching pair socks, you will not even know and it will ruin your whole impression. Thus, when you buy a pair socks you have to be equally carefully.

Whether it is your socks or stockings choose wisely! We have all types of socks like long socks, short socks, ankle length socks, stockings, quarter- length socks, crew length socks, mid-calf length socks, calf length socks, knee- length socks and thigh-high socks.

The different types of fabrics you will get in socks are cotton, wool, nylon, polyester, acrylic, propylene, spandex, olefin, polyamide, teflon, profilon, gore-tex, Kevlar, X-static.

The brands we have with us are Aeropostale, Adidas, Allen Solly, Arrow, Brandstand, Clovia, Dressberry, Footmate Socks, Gayatri Creations, Gold Dust, Hush Puppies, Jack & Ginni, Maccaino, Neska Moda, Nimra Fashion, Reebok, Stylish Me etc.

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