Lifeline Adjustable Bench 311

Rs. 3,599.25

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With comfortable and innovative products,Lifeline has been inspiring people to adopt a fit lifestyle. They have been in the fitness industry for a while and understand the pulse of the consumers. They provide world class training equipments,which help in building muscles without any injuries. Consumers across all age groups can avail the facility of Lifeline's products. The Adjustable Bench 311 is another feather in Lifeline's cap. It offers the user to exercise multiple muscle groups by adjusting the angles of the bench. The Bench can be adjusted to five different positions. Shoulder,chest and back muscles can be targeted using this bench. The machine is scientifically designed to provide the right posture,while working out with free weights. Lifeline's Adjustable Bench comes with a leg support as well. The seat is also very comfortable and durable. Purchase lifeline's Adjustable Bench and stay in the best shape of your life.