1PK-2009B Technicians Tool Kit

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Product CodeINDPROSKIT-1PK-TOOL73798C7266015
Model Name1PK-2009B
Soldering Voltage220V~240V
Contains103-132C Utility component storage box 1PK-108T Reverse action tweezer 1PK-606A 3pcs anti-static alignment tool kit 1PK-701 Micro cutting plier 1PK-702 Long nose plier 1PK-705 Diagonal cutting nipper 1PK-706 Long nose plier 1PK-709 Long nose plier 150mm 8PK-BL002 Cabling splicing knife 1PK-H024 Adjustable wrench 4" 1PK-H028 Adjustable wrench 8" 1PK-H074 Solder aid tool SI-130A-20 Ceramic soldering iron 110V or 220V SI-130B-20 MT-1270 DMM with mechanical prevent mistaken operation 89101A Line col
Standard PlugB
Warranty Details
Warranty Summary3 Months Manufacturing Defect Only

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